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    200 PSI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    Low cost 200 PSI digital tire pressure gauge for sale, features a 38*18mm LCD display with backlight, DC 3V power supply, 1.0%FS accuracy, a 360-degree air chuck, a vent valve for pressure value zero reset, best wheel tool for all vehicles, such as car, SUV, bus, truck, bike, motorcycle, RV.
    SKU: T-TPG-D200PSI
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    200 PSI digital tire pressure gauge has 1.0%FS accuracy, 0.1 PSI resolution, 3VDC power supply (2 * AAA batteries) and 75mm outer diameter of gauge.


    Model T-TPG-20YTD60 T-TPG-20YTDS60
    Weight 350g 250g
    Pressure range 0-200 PSI 0-200 PSI
    Accuracy 1.0%FS 1.0%FS
    Resolution 0.1 PSI 0.1 PSI
    Structure Digital pressure gauge
    Connector with vent valve
    Rubber hose
    360-degree air chuck
    Digital pressure gauge
    360-degree air chuck with vent valve
    Display 38*18mm LCD display 38*18mm LCD display
    Outer diameter of pressure gauge 75mm 75mm
    Power supply DC 3V, 2 * AAA batteries DC 3V, 2 * AAA batteries
    Function Measuring tire pressure
    Automatic power off
    Measuring tire pressure
    Automatic power off
    Vent valve function Reset pressure value to zero Reset pressure value to zero
    Application Car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, bike, RV or ATV Car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, bike, RV or ATV

    Tips: What is a tire pressure gauge?
    A tire pressure gauge is a special pressure gauge designed to measure the pressure in the tires of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. The tire pressure gauge adopts pressure sensing technology with high measurement accuracy (error less than 0.05%) and long service life. Use a tire pressure gauge to test the tire pressure in time, so that the car owner can know the tire pressure of his car's tire in time. Tire pressure gauges can be divided into mechanical pointer tire pressure gauges and digital tire pressure gauges. The mechanical pointer tire pressure gauge is easy to operate, and the dial position corresponding to the pointer is the tire pressure value of the car. Digital reading is more convenient, the display will directly show the accurate pressure value. According to the pressure measurement range, the range of every tire pressure gauge is different. If it is a family car, you only need to choose 0-100PSI measuring range, and truck owners can select a 0-200PSI heavy-duty tire pressure gauge.

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