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    DC 24V Tire Air Compressor 300W, 110 PSI

    Best 24VDC tire air compressor for car, SUV, bus, truck, RV, ATV, motorcycle tire inflation. Cheap heavy duty tire air compressor feature a 0-110 PSI (0-8kg/cm2) pointer tire pressure gauge, double-cylinder structure, a 300cm battery cable, a 350cm extension air hose, 300W rated power.
    SKU: T-TI-C-24V
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    24V 300W tire air compressor with 8kg/cm2 maximum pressure can be used for inflating various tires of vehicle and rubber boat.


    Model T-TI-C-24V
    Weight 3kg
    Size (L*W*H) 250*95*210mm
    Pressure range 0-110 PSI (8kg/cm2)
    Power supply DC 24V, car battery
    Rated power 300W
    Cylinder Double-cylinder
    Cable length 300cm
    Hose length 50cm
    Extension air hose 350cm
    Function Measuring tire pressure
    Tire inflation
    2 units: kgf/cm2, PSI
    Car tire inflation time 90 seconds
    Packing included 1 * tire air compressor
    1 * battery cable
    1 * hose
    1 * extension air hose
    Application Car, SUV, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, RV, ATV, rubber boat
    Warranty 12 months

    Tips: 9 attention points of tire air compressor

    1. Before using the tire air compressor, perform necessary inspections. If abnormal phenomena are found, do not use it.
    2. Confirm the required tire pressure before inflating the tire. Generally, the tire pressure value is marked on the fuel tank cap of the car.
    3. Do not fold the air hose during inflating to keep the air flow unobstructed.
    4. When using the tire air compressor, please turn on the car engine first to ensure that the car battery has sufficient power.
    5. It is recommended not to exceed 10 minutes of continuous use at a time. When more than 10 minutes, shut down and cool down for 10 minute before using.
    6. If the tire air compressor makes abnormal noise or the temperature is too high, please shut down immediately and let it cool down for 10 minutes.
    7. The operator shall not leave the scene when the tire air compressor is working, and always pay attention to avoid tire pressure becomes too high.
    8. Please use jack assist when inflating heavy duty trucks.
    9. The air pump should be protected from moisture, heavy falls and sand intrusion.
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    Rickster | 8/6/2021 2:41 AM
    Absolutely perfect
    The features are great and the design is comprehensive. I set up the target psi and turned on the device and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Hopefully it works for a while. Overall I like it very much and would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for DC air compressor.