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    Air File, 0.03" Stroke, 25000bpm

    Buy air file air tool at affordable price. Stroke length 0.7mm, working speed 25000bpm, working pressure 73-87 psi, file piece diameter 3mm, air hose length 1300mm. Linear reciprocating motion, circular swing type pneumatic ultrasonic air file, using pneumatic turbine engine structure.
    SKU: T-KP-7571
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    Best deburring, engraving crafts, metal rust removal pneumatic tool pneumatic file. Stroke 0.03 inch, 29mm*205mm small body, 5*8 mm air hose, 6cfm air consumption, 1/4 inch (6.35mm) air inlet. Uses high wear-resistant steel material, porous exhaust, low noise, not easy to block.


    Model T-KP-7571
    Stroke length 0.03" / 0.7mm
    Strokes per minute 25000bpm
    No load speed 25000rpm
    Working pressure 73-87 psi
    File piece diameter 3mm
    Air inlet size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Average air consumption 6cfm
    Air hose size 8*5mm
    Air hose length 1300mm
    Dimension 29mm*205mm
    Net weight 0.25kg
    Package weight 0.6kg
    Package included

    1*Air file


    1*File chuck

    1*Oilstone chuck

    1*1300mm air hose

    1*Allen wrench


    25000bpm air file details

    Installing of file

    • Loosen the screw with an Allen wrench.
    • Put the file in the chuck and tighten it.

    Steps of installing file

    Using tips of air file

    The air file is suitable for the grinding and polishing of products in the hardware, plastics, electronics, resin, die-casting, furniture, circuit boards and other industries. It has the characteristics of strong force, comfortable hand feeling, and convenient operation. It is also suitable for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and other metal die-casting and stamping industries. It is also the best tool for flat surface grinding and polishing of panel furniture and solid wood furniture.

    Note when using:

    1. The air file must be used with a file handle to avoid hurting the wrist. The loose file handle should be tightened before use.
    2. Do not blow the filing debris with your mouth, and do not remove the filing debris by hand. When the file is blocked, use a wire brush to brush away the filing debris in the direction of the file pattern.
    3. For the crust, sticky sand on the castings and the flash and burrs on the forgings, first use a grinding wheel to remove them, and then use a pneumatic file.
    4. When using an air file, do not touch the filed surface with your hands, because if your hands are stained with oil, it’s easy to slip when operating the air file again.
    5. The file can not be used as a crowbar or knocking the workpiece to prevent the file from breaking and hurting people.
    6. When placing the pneumatic file, do not expose it to the work surface to prevent the file from falling and hurting your feet. It is also not allowed to stack files on top of each other or stack files and measuring tools on top of each other.

    As a commonly used air tool, air files are being widely used. It is necessary that all operators strictly follow the instructions to ensure the safe and normal work of the air file.

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    Rossk | 7/2/2021 2:19 AM
    A good unit
    The 25000 bpm air file seems to be good unit, will run at low air pressure of around 73-87 psi, it's easy to control and I really like to use it.