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    Air Body Saw & File, 0.3" Stroke, 9000bpm

    Buy economical price air body saw & file. 2 in 1 air tool, saw blades and files can be installed according to work needs. 9000 strokes per minute, stroke length is 0.3 inch (8mm), 6mm file piece diameter, 90 psi working pressure, has the cutting capacity of 1.6mm steel and 2.5mm aluminum.
    SKU: T-KP-753
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    Best air saw air file with 8mm stroke length is available. 9000rpm no load speed, 5cfm average air consumption, 1/4” (6.35mm) air inlet, 5mm air hose, can install the maximum width of 12mm saw blade to cut aluminum, steel, wood, plastic, etc. 


    Model T-KP-753
    Stroke length 0.3"/ 8mm
    Strokes per minute 9000bpm
    No load speed 9000rpm
    Working pressure 90 psi
    File piece diameter 6mm
    Air inlet size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Average air consumption 5cfm
    Air hose size 5mm
    Cutting capacity 1.6mm steel/ 2.5mm aluminum
    Maximum width of saw blade 12mm
    Dimension 34mm*230mm
    Net weight 0.43kg
    Package weight 0.5kg
    Package included

    1*Air body saw & file

    1*Saw blade


    Details of 9000 bpm air body saw file

    9000 bpm air body saw details

    Tips: How does air saw & file work?

    Air body saws can replace many manual saws, and are also more convenient and safer than electric saws. Here is the working principle of pneumatic body saw: The air body saw includes a drill body, a sprocket, a chain and a handle. A pneumatic motor is installed in the inner cavity of the air saw drill, and the air inlet of the pneumatic motor is equipped with an air intake pipe extending out of the drill body. A guide plate is installed at the front end of the drill body, and a sprocket is installed at the front and rear ends of the guide plate, and Chains are wound on the sprockets at both ends. The sprocket near the drill body is coaxially installed with a worm gear. A worm is installed on the output shaft of the front end of the air motor, and the worm gear is matched and meshed with the worm. The operation of the air saw requires a sufficient pressure air source, and the air energy of compressed air is used to drive the rotary pneumatic chain saw. It has a valve body with a movable valve inside, a piston cylinder is arranged inside, and the axial width of the exhaust hole of the cylinder is slightly larger than the length of the piston head, so that the piston head cannot completely cover the exhaust hole at any time, in order to help overcome the dead space when using. Air saws are widely used, mainly for wood processing, mechanical piercing, etc. It saves human resources and energy to a large extent. Air saw is a new type of mechanical processing air tool and becomes more and more popular.

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    Guest | 8/11/2021 8:38 AM
    Cut effortlessly
    This 0.3 inch air body saw could cut just about everything! It is a very powerful tool. I used to cut rusted out metal off of my sheet metal. It cuts effortlessly. The air body saw is much better than the manual one. A great value for money.