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    Air File, 0.35" Stroke, 3700bpm

    Cost-effective 0.35" stroke, 3700bpm air file. It is a tool for grinding, polishing and rust removal with compressed air as the power source. Directly output design, higher output frequency. 90 psi working pressure, 6mm file piece diameter, 1/4” air inlet, 5mm air hose diameter.
    SKU: T-KP-755
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    Lower cost 9mm stroke air file, 3700bpm, cutting off small objects such as small pipe, muffler, auto body panel, wood piece, plastic board etc. Frosted anti-slip handle, no fatigue for a long time operation. Thicken handle seat to reduce vibration during use.


    Model T-KP-755
    Stroke length 0.35" / 9mm
    Strokes per minute 3700bpm
    No load speed 3700rpm
    Working pressure 90 psi
    File piece diameter 6mm
    Air inlet size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Average air consumption 5cfm
    Air hose size 5mm
    Product length 185mm
    Net weight 1.03kg
    Package weight 1.2kg
    Package included

    1*Air file



    3700bpm air file details

    Details of 3700bpm air file

    Tips: Know more about air files

    Air files are pneumatic tools used in die-casting, stamping and other hardware industries for trimming, chamfering and deburring. The air file is small in size and light in weight. It can complete the filing, cutting and sawing of die-casting and stamping parts, as well as the groove trimming and filing of various aluminum and copper materials. The air file mainly uses compressed air to drive a pneumatic motor to output kinetic energy to work. According to the basic working mode of air files, air files can be divided into:

    • Rotary air file (eccentric movable vane type).
    • Reciprocating air file (volume piston type).

    Generally air file air tool mainly includes power output part, operation form conversion part, intake and exhaust path part, operation start and stop control part, tool housing and other main parts. Of course, the operation of pneumatic tools must also include energy supply parts, air filtration and air pressure adjustment parts, and tool accessories.

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