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    25W 7mm Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

    Best price 25W hot melt glue gun with high temperature for 7mm glue sticks. Voltage 100-240V, aluminum nozzle. High quality PTC thermal sensor, constant temperature heating, high efficiency and energy saving. Fast heating, no leakage, built-in insurance, easy to use.
    SKU: T-HMGG-25
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    The 25W 7mm hot melt glue gun is a fastening tool with precise cutting effect and unique filter design, which is easy to be cleaned. It is widely used in the field of hot melt adhesive products, such as electronics factory, food factory, packaging factory, etc.


    Model T-HMGG-25
    Color White
    Size 13*11cm
    Net Weight 160g
    Nozzle Caliber 2mm
    Nozzle Material Aluminum
    Length of Nozzle 2.5cm
    Length of Wire 116cm
    Gule Sticks Diameter 7mm
    Rated Power 25W
    Voltage 100-240V
    Spit Frequency 60 times/min
    Warm-up Time 5-8min


    1. The hot melt glue gun for 7mm sticks has high quality PTC thermal sensor, constant temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.
    2. Imported fluorine rubber is not easy to pour and leak.
    3. Built-in fuse, insulated and insulated housing, more comfortable to use.
    4. Ergonomic design trigger, comfortable grip, more convenient operation.
    5. 25W hot melt glue gun is light and compact, high heating efficiency, which is portable and practical.
    6. Built-in insurance pipe and wrapped in a heat shrinkable pipe, when the hot glue gun occurs accidental short-circuit, the insurance pipe will be disconnected naturally without combustion. 


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    Hot Melt Glue Gun Applications

    Tips: How to Use a 25W 7mm Hot Melt Glue Gun?

    1. Inset a stick into the tail of the 25W 7mm hot melt glue gun.
    2. Plug in the hot melt glue gun and turn on the switch, the signal indicator will light up.
    3. Preheat for about 5 minutes, gently pull the trigger, then the glue gun can be used.
    4. After use, place the hot melt glue gun on the table, and the nozzle towards down.

    How to Use a Hot Melt Glue Gun

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    Oumarou | 9/28/2020 8:28 AM
    The best mini hot melt glue gun
    The gun heats up quickly and has an excellent switch. It will not leak like other glue guns I have used. I use glue guns for all my projects. It is by far the best product I can find and can be used with mini glue sticks. Recommend this hot melt glue gun to you now, it must be your best choice.