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    3/8" Mini Air Ratchet Wrench, 25 ft/lb, 250rpm

    Wholesale price 2 in 1 Mini air ratchet wrench for sale, maximum torque 25 ft/lb (34Nm), no load speed 250rpm, air consumption 5.0 CFM, 3/8 inch square drive head, inner size 1/4 inch, can install 1/4 in. screwdriver bits and fits for different sizes of sockets. Stubby and lightweight, best for fastening bolts and screws.
    SKU: T-ARW-825
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    Mini air ratchet wrench has a 3/8 inch drive square head of which inner size is 1 /4 inch. It not only can install 1/4 inch screwdriver bits, but also fits for different sizes of sockets. The stubby central pneumatic ratchet wrench is used for repairing automobiles and motorcycles and tightening bolts of mechanical equipment.


    Model T-ARW-825
    Drive Size 3/8 inch (9.5mm)
    Inner Size 1 /4 inch (6.35mm)
    Air Inlet Size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Air Consumption 5.0 CFM
    Maximum Torque 25 ft/lb (34Nm)
    No Load Speed 250rpm
    Power Source Air Powered
    Body Dimension 28mm * 152mm
    Weight 0.45kg


    3/8 inch Air Ratchet Wrench 25 ft/lb Dimensions


    3/8 inch Air Ratchet Wrench 25 ft/lb Detials

    Tips: 3/8" Mini Air Ratchet Wrench Working Principle

    3/8" mini air ratchet wrenches are popular and practical air hand tool for tightening and loosening lug nuts and bolts. Commonly used in automotive and aerospace industries, manufacturing, construction and other heavy industries. Pneumatic ratchet wrenches obtain power from high pressurized gas (between 75 PSI and 120 PSI) and turn it into a powerful but controllable torque via a series of turbines, gearboxes and ratchets. The air pressure generated by compressed gas is converted into mechanical energy via a small air turbine located at the bottom of handle. High pressure air pushes against hard vanes parallel to the turbine’s axis to produce torque. When you press the starting switch, compressed air will enter into the air inlet. And then the compressed air will push the vanes for rushing toward the outlet, thus drive the operation of the pneumatic ratchet wrench.

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