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    3 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    Fair price 3 lines self-leveling 360° rotating laser level for construction ceiling and picture hanging, 2 vertical line, 1 horizontal line, 1 plumb dot and 3 bright dots, 5m±1mm horizontal / vertical accuracy, digital LCD rechargeable lithium battery for 8 hours standby.
    SKU: T-SL-03
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    Best green beam laser level with 3 lines, 360 degree precise positioning of vertical lines to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Both DC (3 pcs 1.5V AA batteries) and AC (100-240V /50-60Hz) power available for this unit. You can hit the horizontal line to the ground/ceiling if level tool combines with tripod and adapter.


    Model T-SL-03
    No.of Laser Lines 3
    Leveling Type 2 vertical line, 1 horizontal line, 1 plumb dot, 3 bright dots
    Laser Wavelength 635nm
    Self-Leveling Range ±3°
    Launch Angle ≥120°
    Horizontal Accuracy 5m±1mm
    Vertical Accuracy 5m±1mm
    Plumb Dot Accuracy ±1mm at 1.5m
    Line Width 2mm
    Line Color Emerald green
    Power Supply 3 x AA batteries or AC power
    IP Rating IP 54
    Operation Temperature 0℃~40℃
    Battery Type Digital LCD rechargeable lithium battery (8 hours standby)
    Function Key Fingerprint touch buttons
    Laser Head Made in Germany
    Laser Tube Life 10 years
    Outdoor Visible Distance About 15m
    Indoor Visible Distance About 15m~40m
    Application Ceiling, home decoration, door and window installation, etc
    Weight 2.5kg


    Best rotary green laser level details

    Green self leveling laser details

    3 Line Laser Level Diagram

    3 line rotary green laser level diagram

    Tips: How to choose best laser level?

    The quality of the rotary laser level is related to the perfection of the entire project. Therefore, skills are required when purchasing a rotary laser level. If you want to buy a suitable laser level, you need to consider the following three points:

    • Verticality. Because the verticality determines the angle difference after laser emission, the angle difference will affect the horizontal size.
    • Launch angle. Laser is also a kind of light source, any light source that emits light will have a light angle. Therefore, when selecting, under the same distance condition, the smaller the emitted light spot, the higher the accuracy.
    • The firmness of the structure. The firmness of the structure determines whether the laser level is easily damaged during storage and use, even after it is dropped to the ground. If it is not easy to damage, it depends on whether it will affect the overall frame structure. Otherwise, it will be broken after using it several times, or it will be checked frequently.
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    Filipe | 10/20/2020 9:05 AM
    The best laser level
    This is my most satisfied shopping. I need to measure the height of a house. This three-line rotating green laser level is more suitable. It has three lines, and the vertical line can be accurately positioned at 360 degrees, which can reduce errors. This laser  level is of great help to my work.