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    8 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    360° rotation self-leveling laser level best for indoor/ ourdoor use at wholesale price. Fearures 8 green lines, 4 vertical line, 4 horizontal line and 2 crossing line, with an adjustable lifting platform and remote control, dual lithium power supply, 2*5800 mhA rechargeable battery with power adapter.
    SKU: T-SL-08
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    8 lines green laser level for sale, 4 360-degree vertical line and 4 360-degree horizontal line cover the floor, wall, ceiling all around the room. The laser level measuring tool can be tilted self-leveling within ± 3 °, mounted on a tripod or attached to most metal surfaces using magnetic brackets, allowing 360° free rotation of the laser level and projection of the laser line at any position or angle.


    Model T-SL-08
    No.of Laser Lines 8
    Leveling Type 4 vertical line, 4 horizontal line, 2 crossing line
    Laser Wavelength 635nm
    Self-Leveling Range ±3° (when angle of inclination ≤3°, laser level auto self-leveling; when angle of inclination ≥3°, buzzer alarm.)
    Launch Angle ≥120°
    Horizontal Accuracy 5m±1mm
    Vertical Accuracy 5m±1mm
    Plumb Dot Accuracy ±1mm at 1.5m
    Line Width 1.5mm
    Line Color Emerald green
    Power Source Lithium battery / DC charger
    Battery Type 2 x 5800mA rechargeable lithium battery (72 hours standby)
    IP Rating IP 54
    Operation Temperature -10℃~50℃
    Wall Distance 7mm
    Ground Distance 6mm
    Function Key Fingerprint touch buttons
    Laser Head Made in Germany
    Material Alloy body + plastic shell
    Working Time 12 hours
    Remote Control Yes
    Slash Mode Yes
    Application Ceiling, home decoration, door and window installation, etc
    Weight 3kg
    Packing Included 1 x 8 Line Green Laser Level
    2 x 5800mA Lithium Battery
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x Magnetic Bracket
    1 x Adjustable Lifting Platform
    1 x Magnetic Pivoting Base
    1 x Hand-shell Carrying Case
    1 x Remote Control
    1 x Conversion Screw
    1 x User Manual


    8/12/16 lines 360 degree green laser level detais

    8 lines rotating green self leveling laser level diagram

    Tips: Working principle of laser level

    A laser level is a level that uses a laser beam instead of manual reading. The laser beam emitted by the laser is guided into the telescope tube to emit a horizontal laser beam along the collimation axis. Using the monochromaticity and coherence of the laser, a glass or metal sheet with a certain shading pattern can be assembled in front of the telescope objective lens, that is, a zone plate, to cause diffraction interference. After focusing by the telescope, a bright and fine cross-shaped or circular laser spot is obtained within the focusing range of the zone plate, so as to collimate the target more accurately. Equipped with photoelectric receiving targets that can automatically track on the front and rear leveling rulers, leveling can be carried out. In the construction survey and the assembly of large components, a laser level is often used to establish a horizontal plane or horizontal line.

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    Harry | 2/3/2021 3:32 AM
    Practical green laser level
    You can use it when inspecting the house. Otherwise, the wall is oblique when you look at it, but the decoration company says it is right, and there is no way to refute it. Use this laser level to measure whether the wall is level, its measurements lines are clear, and the measurement results are clear at a glance. No longer have to worry about wall, floor, and ceiling tilt problems during home inspection.