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    3/5/8/13 Gal Alcohol Distiller Copper Tube Still Kit for Wine Brewing

    Best home DIY alcohol distiller with cheap price, 12L 20L 33L 50L boiler capacity optional, red copper moonshine kit makes the alcohol content higher and the liquid purer, excellent for distilled water, brewing brandy, whiskey and refining plant extracts for medical purposes.
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    • This is a complete set of moonshine still equipment, suitable for beginners or professional distillers, simple installation and operation.
    • The alcohol ethanol distiller is made of food grade 304 stainless steel and red copper. During the distillation and cooling process, the free copper ions produced by red copper can adsorb fusel, making the wine more pure and mellow.
    • Coiled condenser tube, circulating water enters from the lower inlet and discharges from the upper outlet to achieve efficient cooling. Equipped with a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wine during the distillation process. 
    • Alcohol distiller has a high liquor yield and fast speed. It can make different kinds of wine, such as alcohol, ethanol, whiskey, fruit wine, distilled water, essential oil, hydrosol, etc.


    Boiler barrel capacity 12L/ 3.1 Gallon 20L/ 5.2 Gallon 33L/ 8.7 Gallon 50L/ 13.2 Gallon
    Size (mm) Barrel 250*250 330*330 370*370 430*430
    Cup 150*150 150*150 150*150 200*200
    Weight (kg) 5 6.5 8.8 10
    Boiler material 304 stainless steel
    Condenser pipe T2 red copper
    Heat Source Induction cooker, coal gas, natural gas, firewood or any other heating sources
    Accessories false bottom, filter bag, measuring cylinder (except 12L), alcohol meter (except 12L), silicone tube, stainless steel bellow, thermometer, submersible pump

    Water Alcohol Distiller Working Principle Diagram
    Alcohol distiller working principle diagram

    Moonshine Still Kit Size and Production Capacity Table

    Boiler capacity Capacity for liquor out (kg) Uncooked grain (kg) Approx distillation time (hour)
    12L (3.1Gal) 1.5-2.5 2.5 1
    20L (5.2Gal) 2.5-4 4 1.5
    33L (8.7Gal) 5-7.5 7.5 2-3
    50L (13.2Gal) 7.5-12.5 12.5 3-5

    Tips: Suggestions for home brewing.

    During distillation, the total filling can reach 60% of the boiler volume, of which there is at least 30% juice or water in the boiler. For example, a 20L boiler can put 12kg of the original fermented product, and the juice and the scum are best to be half to prevent the pot from sticking.
    Foreshot refers to the liquid that has just been distilled. Generally, the methanol content is high. You can catch the first 30ml and throw it away or store it separately.

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    Farman | 1/18/2021 5:52 AM
    I am very happy to purchase an alcohol distiller still kit
    I am a professional distiller, and the company bought a complete set of moonlight distillation equipment. The equipment is equipped with a thermometer, which can monitor the temperature of the wine at any time during the distillation process, so as to avoid that the temperature is too high during the distillation, which will affect the taste of the wine.