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    3/5/8/13 Gallon Home DIY Alcohol Distiller, Complete Moonshine Still Kit

    Stainless steel alcohol ethanol distiller home brewing kit for sale, use food-grade stainless steel condenser tube with good cooling effect, thermometer can easily monitor wine temperature during distillation, simple installation and brewing process, friendly to beginners.
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    • This is a complete set of moonshine still equipment, suitable for beginners or professional distillers, simple installation and operation. Can choose horizontal or vertical installation according to the site.
    • The alcohol ethanol distiller is made of safe and non-toxic stainless steel, and the fermentation barrel is made of especially thick stainless steel.
    • Comes with a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wine during the distillation process. Circulating water enters from the lower inlet and discharges from the upper outlet to achieve efficient cooling.
    • Alcohol distiller has a high liquor yield and fast speed. It can make different kinds of wine, such as alcohol, ethanol, whiskey, fruit wine, distilled water, essential oil, hydrosol, etc.


    Boiler barrel capacity 12L/ 3.1 Gallon 20L/ 5.2 Gallon 33L/ 8.7 Gallon 50L/ 13.2 Gallon
    Size (mm) Barrel 250*250 330*330 370*370 430*430
    Cup 150*150 150*150 150*150 200*200
    Weight (kg) 5 6.5 8.5 10
    Boiler material 201 stainless steel
    Condenser pipe 304 stainless steel
    Heat Source Induction cooker, coal gas, natural gas, firewood or any other heating sources
    Accessories false bottom, filter bag, measuring cylinder (except 12L), alcohol meter (except 12L), silicone tube, stainless steel bellow, thermometer, submersible pump

    Water Alcohol Distiller Working Principle Diagram
    Alcohol distiller working principle diagram

    Moonshine Still Kit Size and Production Capacity Table

    Boiler capacity Capacity for liquor out (kg) Uncooked grain (kg) Approx distillation time (hour)
    12L (3.1Gal) 1.5-2.5 2.5 1
    20L (5.2Gal) 2.5-4 4 1.5
    33L (8.7Gal) 5-7.5 7.5 2-3
    50L (13.2Gal) 7.5-12.5 12.5 3-5

    Tips: How long does the alcohol distillation end?

    When the alcohol content of the liquor flowing out of the outlet is lower than 20 degrees, the distillation can be stopped. It usually takes about 2 hours to distill a pot of original fermentation liquid with a 20L distiller, and it can distill about 2 kg of wine at a time.

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    Rhino | 7/15/2021 3:14 AM
    Safe alcohol distiller
    This 13 gallon home DIY alcohol distiller is the best constructed product I've bought. It is very good for the price. Everything works exactly as it should and it was packaged very well to prevent damage. The stainless steel makes me feel more comfortable to use, such a safe and reliable product!