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    Air File, 0.07" Stroke, 30000bpm

    Buy 0.07 inch stroke air file with cheap price. 30000bpm strokes per minute, 90 psi working pressure, 3mm file piece diameter, 5cfm average air consumption. Pneumatic turbine engine structure technology to control the grinding speed by adjusting the airflow.
    SKU: T-KP-757
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    Pneumatic file at affordable price, 1.8mm stroke, 5mm air hose, 1/4” air inlet. PU double-layer mesh muffler hose is pressure-resistant and noise-reducing. Ergonomic handle for more comfortable operation.


    Model T-KP-757
    Stroke length 0.07" / 1.8mm
    Strokes per minute 30000bpm
    No load speed 30000rpm
    Working pressure 90 psi
    File piece diameter 3mm
    Air inlet size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Average air consumption 5cfm
    Air hose size 5mm
    Product length 205mm
    Net weight 0.25kg
    Package weight 0.5kg
    Package included

    1*Air file


    1*70mm file

    1*Allen wrench

    1*1200mm air hose


    0.07 inch air file details

    7 tips for the use of air files

    • Before using the air file for operation, use special oil to fully moisturize the cylinder, blades, bearings, etc., to reduce the friction of the machine body during operation.
    • Clean the water and impurities inside the air file in time to avoid thick deposits and damage to the air file.
    • When the air file is not in use, the dust on the air file should be cleaned up and placed in a special storage box to extend the service life of the air file.
    • Regularly check the parts of the fuselage, and replace worn bearings and front guide wheels in time.
    • The working time should be within the load range of the pneumatic file, and the tool should not be overloaded.
    • When using the air file, the principle of handling with care must be followed to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine body.
    • After the pneumatic file is connected to the air source, the air file should be allowed to move freely for about 1 minute before it can enter normal operation.
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    Jin | 12/30/2020 1:41 AM
    Air file that can reduce noise
    My dad works on a construction site and is awakened by the sound of the construction site almost every day. In order to let the employees have a good rest, the factory bought this pneumatic file from This pneumatic file has a PU double-layer mesh muffler soft. Although it can reduce the noise, my dad can finally sleep well.