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    4 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    Buy air operated grease pump at wholesale price. The pneumatic grease pump is driven by compressed air, can contain 4 gal (16 L) grease. 0.2gal/ min delivery rate, 3626-7252psi grease output pressure. 50:1 pump ratio. Low energy consumption, accurate working pressure, simple operation and high efficiency.
    SKU: T-OW-008
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    Lower cost 14 gal/ 16L air grease pump is an essential professional equipment of the mechanization of oil injection. Portable grease pump equipped with four rolling wheels, is easy to handle and transport.


    Model T-OW-008
    Pump Ratio 50:1
    Air Pressure 73-145psi
    Delivery Rate 0.2gal/ min
    Grease Output Pressure 3626-7252psi
    Capacity 16L/ 4gal
    Stroke 34mm
    Air Cylinder Diameter 70mm
    Drum Height 325mm
    Net Weight 13kg
    Package Included

    1*4 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    1*Universal Grease Gun

    1*4m Grease Hose


    Details of 4 gallons air grease pumpDetails of 4 gallons air grease pump

    Details of 4 gallons air grease pump

    Tips: What is an air grease pump?

    Air grease pump, also known as pneumatic grease pump, air operated grease pump, is a pneumatic tool that increases pressure professionally used to inject grease into the lubrication station. Pneumatic greasers are widely used in machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships and other industries. With the continuous development and progress of the industry, lubricating grease, as an important item in machinery, has also received attention. The traditional grease gun that relies on the arm to provide pressure has long been unable to meet the needs of the development of the times. How to provide better lubrication and maintenance services for machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships, etc., has become the mission of the pneumatic grease machine industry, especially for the higher pressure requirements for grease filling. The common pressure ratio of pneumatic grease machine is 40:1, 50:1, 60:1, and the oil output pressure is as high as 24-48MPa, which is equivalent to 240kg-480kg pressure.

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    Leet | 11/12/2021 8:22 AM
    I like this 4 gallons air grease pump very much
    It is indeed a very good product for the work I do every day. It is very suitable for injecting grease into the accessories on my equipment. I like it very much.