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    4 Gallons Garden Backpack Sprayer

    Cheap 12V electric pump sprayer for sale online. 16L/ 4 gal capacity, 2m hose and 57cm nozzle mast. High power diaphragm pump, super battery endurance, high pressure water pump with good stability, 65 PSI high water pressure, continuously brings fine atomization experience.
    SKU: T-SX16E2
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    Best electric garden sprayer. Equipped with an accessory package, which contains four types of nozzles, sealing rings and fuse. It will not burn the battery in the event of a short circuit and is safer. Upgraded version of lithium battery, light weight, strong power, you can choose 12V/8A, 12V/12A, 12V/16A according to the working hours.


    Model T-SX16E2
    Capacity 16L/ 4 gal
    Material Plastic
    Length of Hose 200cm
    Length of Nozzle Mast 57cm
    Working Pressure 29-65 psi
    Pump Pressure 65-80 psi
    Battery (Selectable) 12V/8A 12V/12A 12V/16A 

    Input: AC220V 25W

    Output: DC12V 1.7A

    Packing Size 350mm*210mm*510mm
    Weight 5.62kg
    Package Included

    1*4 Gallons Garden Backpack Sprayer

    1*2m Hose

    1*57cm Nozzle Mast

    1*Conical Single Nozzle

    1*Conical Double Nozzle

    1*Fan-shaped Single Nozzle

    1*Porous Direct Nozzle

    Seal Rings



    Selectable batteries of garden backpack sprayer

    4 nozzles of backpack sprayer


    Installation of backpack sprayer

    Tips: How to use a garden backpack sprayer?

    • Install the garden pump sprayer parts correctly. Check whether each connection is leaking. When using, add clean water and test spray first, and then add the physic liquor.
    • When using the backpack pressure sprayer formally, add the physic liquor first and then the water, and the liquid level of the physic liquor should not exceed the safe water level. Before spraying, move the rocker more than 10 times to increase the air pressure in the pump to the working pressure. Do not use excessive force when pulling the joystick to avoid explosion of the air chamber.
    • When the backpack sprayer is filled with liquid medicine for the first time, since the air chamber and the spray bar contain clear water, the concentration of the liquid sprayed in the first 2 to 3 minutes of spraying is low, so pay attention to refilling to avoid affecting the prevention and control of pests effect.
    • After the work is finished, you should pour out the residual liquid in the backpack sprayer barrel in time, wash it with clean water, and pour it out. At the same time, check whether there is water in the air chamber. If there is water, remove the water connector to release the water.
    • If the backpack pressure sprayer is not to be used in a short period of time, the main parts should be cleaned, wiped dry and installed, and stored in a cool and dry place. If the garden pressure sprayer is not used for a long time, grease all metal parts to prevent rust.
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