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    4 Tine Garden Fork, D Grip Handle, 57 Inch

    Cheap 4 tine garden fork for sale, fork length 57 inch, D grip design design reduces pressure on hands and wrists, garden fork is used to move the covering and loosen the soil, which can meet all your needs for garden work.
    SKU: T-GF-57
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    Low cost 4 tine garden fork for sale, D shaped handle, 57 inch garden spade fork provide you with a comfortable grip during long hours of work, sharp tine can withstand gravity, not easy to bend.


    • Model: T-GF-57
    • Color: Black
    • Number of Tines: 4 Tines
    • Weight: 3.6 kg
    • Size: 57 inch

    Tips: Why loosen the soil for plants?

    The soil is often loose, the root system of the plant is developed, the stalk is thick, the plant shape is neat, the branching is good, the flower color is bright, the flowering period is long, and the quality is improved.

    Reason: Potted flowers often loosen the soil, which can make the soil loose, which is conducive to the activity of rhizosphere microorganisms. At the same time, it increases oxygen, which is conducive to rooting and root elongation. It makes the plant root system developed and can effectively prevent the growth of weeds. Reduce the harm of weeds. The loose soil after fertilization is conducive to the dissolution of fertilizers and is adsorbed by the soil, so that the root system can better absorb nutrients. In drought, loose soil is beneficial to maintain the water in basin soil, and it can quickly evaporate water when waterlogging occurs.

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    Andrew | 1/4/2021 6:23 AM
    Perfect garden fork
    I am a gardening lover. I really need a garden fork to move mulch and loose soil. After a friend's recommendation, I bought this garden fork from It can meet all my gardening needs.