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    4 Tine Garden Digging Fork, 68 Inch

    Buy garden digging fork with best price, 4 sharp tines, 68 inch length, wood-handle material, turn over the soil easily and loosely compact the ground.
    SKU: T-GF-68
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    Best garden hand fork for sale, 68" long handled digging fork, hard rosewood handle, comfortable and durable.


    • Model:T-GF-68
    • Color: Black
    • Number of Tines: 4 Tines
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Size: 68 inch

    Tips: Soil loosening frequency

    The frequency of loosening the soil for potted flowers and plants usually needs to be determined according to the growth of the plants and the degree of compaction of the soil in the pot. If the flower plants are growing well and the root system is very strong, the frequency of soil loosening can be increased. Generally, as long as the pot soil is found to be compacted, the soil can be loosened. But if the growth of flower plants is relatively weak, especially if the root system is damaged, the frequency of soil loosening should be appropriately reduced to avoid excessive secondary damage to the plants.

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    Darcy | 12/17/2020 2:03 AM
    Very good garden digging fork
    My girlfriend likes gardening very much, so I gave this garden digging fork to my girlfriend. She is very happy to receive this garden digging fork. Because it is well-packaged and well-made, it won't be deformed even when digging thick clay. My girlfriend likes her very much.