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    4 Tine Spading Digging Fork, 60 Inch

    Spading digging fork with wood handle, 4 sharp tine, 60 inch, long handle digging fork can turn over the soil very well, clear the debris from the garden, and is not easy to bend.
    SKU: T-GF-60
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    4 tine spading digging for sale, it is an important tool for building beautiful gardens. Easy to turn soil and dig plants, suitable for various occasions.


    • Model: T-GF-60
    • Color: Black
    • Number of Tines: 4 Tines
    • Weight: 3.6 kg
    • Size: 60 inch

    Tips: How to improve the quality of the soil?

    We all know that the most important thing to grow flowers is to choose the right soil. For flower lovers who use peat for potting soil and nutrient soil, they basically don’t need to loosen the soil. For those who use pastoral soil, loosen the soil is a must. For homework, you can usually add decay media in the pot soil, such as a small amount of perlite, rotting leaves, and adding some nutrient soil peat, etc., which can reduce soil compaction and improve soil permeability.

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    Benjamin | 7/15/2021 6:42 AM
    So glad I bought this spading digging fork
    This 4 tine spading digging fork has the ideal combination of durability, strength, and reasonable price for the kinds of things I need to do. I use it to shovel dirt in my garden. The fork is rock solid and I’m very happy with this. I would buy it again.