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    4 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Single/Double Ram

    Cheap 4 ton hydraulic bottle jack for wholesale, inner/outer welded steel structure ensuring leakproof, adjustable jack head and optional single/double ram structure fitting for more occasions, CE/ GS/ TUV certification. 4 ton bottle jack with optional lift height 110mm/128mm can be used for lift SUV/ commercial vehicle/ pickup truck, etc.
    SKU: T-HBJ-4T
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    4 ton hydraulic bottle jack, single/double ram structure, optional lift height 110mm/128mm, CE/ GS/ TUV certification.


    Model T-HBJ-E0504-1 T-HBJ-E0804
    Weight 3.1kg 3.8kg
    Size 122*125*180mm 128*130*155mm
    Maximum capacity 4 ton 4 ton
    Number of ram Single Double
    Minimum height 180mm 155mm
    Maximum height 340mm 365mm
    Adjustable height 50mm 82mm
    Lift height * 110mm 128mm
    Material Steel Steel
    Certification CE, GS, TUV CE, GS, TUV
    Packing included 1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box
    1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box

    Tips: Application of jack
    In reality, we often encounter heavy objects such as machine tools, heavy boxes, rails in the well, etc., without lifting equipment to move or lift, it is very difficult to rely on manual operation, which requires the jack to help us. Jacks are closely related to our lives and are widely used in construction, railways, automobile repair and other industries.
    Currently in actual application, a variety of jacks can be used for:

    1. The jacks used in the construction field mainly include stranded wire jacks, loose clamp jacks, through-core jacks, shielding bracket balance jacks, prestressed front clamp jacks, prestressed tension jacks, narrow space small capacity jacks, etc.
    2. The jacks used in the automobile transportation and maintenance industry include scissor jacks, hydraulic jacks, electric jacks, etc.
    3. X-ray knife mechanical fine-tuning jacks are used in the medical and health industry.
    4. In addition, there are some jacks used in other fields.
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