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    6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Single/Double Ram

    Low cost hydraulic bottle jack with maximum capacity 6 ton, optional single/double ram structure, corresponding lift range 220mm~385mm/ 165mm~395mm, net weight 4.1kg/5.3kg. 6 ton bottle jack tool box contains a solid steel bottle jack and two-piece steel safety bar, best choice for automotive tire replacement.
    SKU: T-HBJ-6T
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    6 ton hydraulic bottle jack, single/double ram structure, optional lift height 125mm/140mm, CE/ GS/ TUV certification.


    Model T-HBJ-E0506-1 T-HBJ-E0806
    Weight 4.1kg 5.3kg
    Size 127*135*200mm 140*135*165mm
    Maximum capacity 6 ton 6 ton
    Number of ram Single Double
    Minimum height 200mm 165mm
    Maximum height 385mm 395mm
    Adjustable height 60mm 90mm
    Lift height * 125mm 140mm
    Material Steel Steel
    Certification CE, GS, TUV CE, GS, TUV
    Packing included 1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box
    1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box

    Tips: The working principle of bottle jack
    The bottle jack works by the hydraulic principle, namely the principle of Pascal's law. It consists of a oil tank, two pressure cylinders of different sizes, a rocker and a closing needle valve. When working, lift the small piston by rocker to suck the oil into the small pressure cylinder, and when the small piston is depressed, the oil is pressed into the big pressure cylinder. Through the control of the two valves, the pressure of the oil by the small piston is transmitted to the big piston to lift the weight. The small piston continuously reciprocates to push the heavy object to a certain height. After the work is completed, open the closing needle valve to connect the big pressure cylinder with the oil tank. At this time, as long as a little pressure is applied to the big piston, the big piston can drop down and the oil will return to the oil tank.

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