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    480P Digital Endoscope, Camera Diameter 5.5mm/8mm

    Cheap price 480P digital endoscope for sale, 2.4" IPS HD screen, internal 800mAh rechargeable bettery, optional black/red color, 5.5mm/8mm camera diameter, 3m/5m cable length, IP67 waterproof camera with 0.3MP pixel and 640*480P resolution.
    SKU: T-EDSC-D1
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    480P digital endoscope consists of a handheld 2.4" IPS HD screen and a 0.3MP CMOS camera. The internal battery capacity is 800mAh, which can keep 90 minutes continuous working time.


    • 0.3MP waterproof CMOS camera with optional diameter 5.5mm, 8mm
    • 2.4" IPS HD screen with display resolution 640*480P
    • 7 kinds of system languages, includes English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
    • 5 keys for simple operations
    • Adjustable LED lights helping endoscope camera get more high-definition images
    • Widely used for vehicle engine, air conditioner, pipeline checking or industrial inspection


    Model T-INSKAM127
    Shipping weight 1.1kg
    Packing size 243*223*52mm
    Camera shell diameter * 5.5mm, 8mm
    CMOS camera pixel 0.3MP
    Display 2.4" IPS HD screen
    Digital endoscope size 79*26*154mm
    Color * Black, red
    System language English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
    Display resolution 640*480P
    Visual angle 70°
    Protection class IP67 (only for camera)
    Working temperature 0~70℃ (32~158℉)
    Light 6 adjustable LED lights (for 5.5mm camera), automatic exposure function
    8 adjustable LED lights (for 8mm camera), automatic exposure function
    Camera cable type * Semi-rigid cable, flexible cable
    Cable length * 3m, 5m
    Image format JPEG
    Video format AVI
    Bettery capacity 800mAh (continuous working time: 90 minutes)
    Power supply 5VDC via USB
    Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
    Package included 1 * digital endoscope + camera
    1 * USB cable for charging
    1 * mirror
    1 * hook
    1 * magnet
    1 * waterproof ring
    1 * user manual

    Tips: Advantages of digital endoscope
    The front end of the digital endoscope has a built-in high-definition CMOS imaging chip. It allows operator to see real-time endoscope images on the integrated handheld display screen, computer or television, and record these images and videos as archives, which can be shown to the customers later, so that they can better understand and recognize the maintenance of their vehicle.
    Endoscopes are most commonly used for carbon deposition inspection of pistons and spark plugs. In the past, the inspection of carbon deposition in pistons and spark plugs could only be judged by disassembling the car engine or observing the feedback voltage changes, which was a waste of money. And now using a digital endoscope, you can directly observe various faults inside the cylinder through the spark plug hole or the fuel injection nozzle. It's more simple and easy to operate. The cost performance is really high.

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