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    4PCS Plastic Small Parts Organizer Box Set

    Favorable price 4 pieces plastic small parts organizer box set, includes three sizes of parts organisers 220*150*57mm, 220*150*115mm and 290*220*58mm, with removable dividers for flexible parts storage, hinged lid with latches, high strength PP material, durable and convenient.
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    Buy 4pcs small parts organizer box set online at wholesale price. The small parts organiser boxes come with 3 sizes, 220*150*57mm, 220*150*115mm and 290*220*58mm. With removable dividers, it provides great flexibility for storing parts. Made of reinfored PP plastic, the parts storage boxes feature high strength and durability and with the hinged lid with latches, it ensures the secure parts storage. Best small parts organizer for screws, nuts, bolts, nails, pins, paper clips, etc.


    Model T-421-123
    Number of Pieces 4 PCS
    Material PP
    Package Included 2pcs * 421-1 parts organizer (220*150*57mm, 260g)
    1pc * 421-2 parts organizer (220*150*115mm, 315g)
    1pc * 421-3 parts organizer (290*220*58mm, 510g)
    Weight 1.4kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimensions (Unit: CM)

    Small Parts Organizer 421-1 Dimension
    Small Parts Organizer 421-1 Compartment Dimension

    Small Parts Organizer 421-2 Dimension
    Small Parts Organizer 421-2 Compartment Dimension

    Small Parts Organizer 421-3 Dimension
    Small Parts Organizer 421-3 Compartment Dimension

    Tips: Stackable storage bins features

    Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics and related matters of the stackable storage bins.

    Features of the stackable storage bins:
    1. The parts box is suitable for storing and organizing various parts, which is convenient to manage the parts.
    2. The standard colors of the stackable storage bins are red, yellow, blue, and black. Other colors can be selected according to the color scale, among which black is anti-static. 
    3. Below 80 degrees Celsius, it can withstand common acids, reduce and any solvents. 
    4. The water absorption rate is less than 0.01%, good moisture resistance. 
    5. The working temperature is minus 30 degrees Celsius to minus 70 degrees Celsius, not too close to the fire source. 
    6. It is not suitable to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

    What to know about stackable storage bins:
    1. The stackable storage bins are generally equipped with plastic bracket, dustproof marking cover, four-color marking card and other accessories. 
    2. The product size error is plus or minus 2%, the weight error is plus or minus 2%, the side deformation rate is not more than 1.5%, the box bottom deformation is not more than 1mm, and the box bottom diagonal change rate is not more than 1.5%. These specifications are all in the allowable range of enterprise standards. 
    3. Try to avoid direct sunlight and close to the heat source. 
    4. The raw materials of the parts box are made of copolymerized propylene and polyethylene materials, which have the advantages of both ethylene and propylene. 
    5. All stackable storage bins can be processed into anti-static products.

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    Nancy | 8/12/2021 2:40 AM
    Good quality organizer box set
    These 4PCS plastic organizer box sets are great for storing small components. I actually really like them now. They are sturdy, the latches snap tightly, and they're decently thick. Just what I needed to organize all my screws and drill bits and other hardware.