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    57mm Hand Tree Pruners, 10 Pieces

    High hardness 57mm hand tree pruners are provided online. The blade is very sharp and can easily cut thick branches with a diameter of 35mm. The pruning shears is comfortable to hold, so you can enjoy the work process more. The new safety lock design prevents accidental injury and is more assured to use. Now buy 10 pieces at competitive price.
    SKU: T-V09
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    Best tree pruning shears are equipped with high-quality imported stainless steel springs. Experiments have proved that they can be used for 100,000 times without deformation and the elasticity remains the same. It is a professional garden tool that can greatly increase your work efficiency.


    Model T-V09
    Blade Length 57mm
    Overall Length 202mm
    Width 53mm
    Material SK5
    Weight 217g


    Details of 57mm hand tree prunersDetails of 57mm hand tree pruners


    Applications of hand tree pruners

    Tips: Why you need a 57mm hand tree pruners?

    • A 57mm hand tree pruners is used to adjust branches and leaves to make their distribution reasonably. That is, on the basis of shaping, hand pruning shears are used to adjust the density, distribution direction and leaf area coefficient of each part of the crown to maximize the effective photosynthetic area of the crown.
    • A 57mm garden hand pruners is used to regulate plant growth and fruit. Using pruning shears to cut the branches can make the plant grow normally without excessive growth, proper amount of flowers and fruit without weakening the vigor of the tree. At the same time, it can prevent the fruit tree from aging in advance and renew in time.
    • A 57mm hand tree pruners is used to adjust the composition ratio of branches. Different tree species and tree age require appropriate branch types. Pruning can ensure the operation, distribution, consumption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree during the annual growth cycle, so that the tree can be coordinated according to the normal growth and reproduction rhythm.
    • Pruning can also balance the growth potential among the group plants, so as to achieve a balanced yield and facilitate management. In addition, pruning is also a means to coordinate the growth of above-ground parts and roots.
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    Nick | 8/3/2021 7:45 AM
    Outstanding hand tree pruners
    These 57mm hand tree pruners are good shears for cutting bushes and flowers in my garden. The ergonomic shape of the handle so that it fits well in my hand. They are sturdy and durable. It could be used for a long time. I really recommend them!