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    60Nm Right Angle Air Screwdriver, 1/4", 7000rpm

    Low cost 1/4 inch air inlet pneumatic air screwdriver with 90 degree right angle design, 7000rpm no load speed, 60Nm max torque, 5-8mm standard screw capacity, and with clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, specially work for narrow space.
    SKU: T-AS-60N
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    Best 90 degree right angle air screwdriver for sale online, 1/4" air inlet, max torque up to 60Nm, fitted with 3-speed setting and no load speed to 7000rpm. Affordable price pneumatic screwdriver air tool used for tightening and loosening screws and nuts in variety of heavy duty applications.


    Model T-KP-808L
    Type 90 degree right angle air screwdriver
    Max Torque 60Nm
    No Load Speed 7000rpm
    Air Inlet 1/4"
    Collet Size 1/4"
    Bolt Capacity 5-8mm
    Air Hose Inner 6.5mm
    Working Pressure 90 psi
    Average Air Consumption 0.22m3/min
    Overall Length 225mm
    Weight 1.3kg
    Packing Included 1 * Air Screwdriver
    2 * Mini Screwdriver Bit
    1 * Inlet Connection
    1 * Hook as picture show


    60Nm 7000rpm air screwdriver details

    Tips: How to maintain our 60Nm pneumatic screwdriver?

    1. 60Nm right angle pneumatic screwdriver is a relatively delicate air tool. It should be handled with care and should not be bumped or dropped.
    2. The accuracy and sensitivity of the switch should be checked regularly.
    3. After using the air screwdriver, wipe it clean with cotton yarn and put it in the holder.
    4. If the pneumatic screwdriver is not used for a long time, it must be lubricated and stored, otherwise the pneumatic screwdriver will easy be damaged.
    5. Before using the manual lubricating pot for lubrication, disconnect the pneumatic screwdriver from the air tube, and then add the lubricating oil into the air inlet nut. After connecting the pneumatic screwdriver and the air tube, press the screwdriver to dry for about two seconds to complete the lubrication and preservation. 1-2 times a day can extend tool life.
    6. When replacing the soft sheath, put the sheath into the torque adjusting ring first, and then use air pressure to blow to make the outer diameter of the sheath larger, and at the same time squeeze the sheath upward.
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    Charleston | 11/1/2021 8:39 AM
    A 60Nm pneumatic screwdriver worth sharing
    This 60Nm pneumatic screwdriver is of superb quality, exquisite workmanship, comfortable to the touch, strong power, convenient for screwing, and can save a lot of time. This is a shopping trip that I am very satisfied with, and it is worth recommending to share.