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    80Nm Inline Air Screwdriver, 1/4", 8000rpm

    80Nm high torque air screwdriver pneumatic tool for sale online, features 1/4 inch air inlet, 8000rpm no load speed, 8-12mm bolt capacity, fitted with forward / reverse switch and speed-control switch, designed for use in a variety of heavy duty applications.
    SKU: T-AS-80N
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    1/4" 8000rpm 80Nm inline air screwdriver has high precision double hammer clutch structure, provides high efficient and reliable performance at an reasonable price. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design for easy operation. It is deal for wood work, industry and assembly work.


    Model T-KP-812H
    Type Inline impact air screwdriver
    Max Torque 80Nm
    No Load Speed 8000rpm
    Air Inlet 1/4" (6.35mm)
    Collet Size 1/4"
    Bolt Capacity 12mm
    Air Hose Inner 6.5mm
    Working Pressure 90 psi
    Average Air Consumption 6 cfm
    Overall Length 230mm
    Weight 1.3kg
    Packing Included 1 * Air Screwdriver
    1 * Mini Screwdriver Bit
    1 * Hook as picture show


    80Nm 1/4 inch 8000rpm air screwdriver details

    Tips: How to use 80Nm inline air screwdriver?

    1. Before using 80Nm inline pneumatic screwdriver, check whether the air pressure indicated by the air pressure gauge connected to the pneumatic screwdriver is within the corresponding range, and ensure that there is no water in the water collector.

    2. According to the actual production needs to determine the model of the screwdriver bit.

    3. Press the rotary switch once to confirm the direction of rotation, and adjust the rotation speed and rotation force as required.

    4. When you need to change the rotation direction in the process of rotation, please release the rotary switch before adjustment.

    • Gently twist the forward / reverse switch (R forward - L reverse) in the direction of rotation.
    • Press the handle switch to start the motor to rotate and keep the screw perpendicular to the bit.
    • It is easy to adjust the torque. When the torque adjusting ring turns to the right, the torque increases and the adjusting ring turns to the left to reduce the torque.
    • When the load reaches the preset torque value, the air motor will stop automatically.




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    Todd | 11/6/2020 3:12 AM
    Easy to operate inline pneumatic screwdriver
    I have used the inline pneumatic screwdriver many times. It is equipped with a forward/backward switch and a speed control switch. It is easier to operate than a manual screwdriver. It can improve my work efficiency and allow me to work better. Because I work well, my salary has risen a lot.