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    65Nm Pistol Grip Air Screwdriver, 1/4", 7000rpm

    Cheap 1/4” air inlet air screwdriver features 65Nm max torque, 7000rpm no load speed and 5-8 bolt capacity at factory price. Pistol grip design air screwdriver are suitable for tightening and loosening screws and nuts in a variety of heavy duty applications.
    SKU: T-AS-65N
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    If you need a air screwdriver tool that will give long reliable service in industrial production situations, our 65Nm max torque, 7000rpm no load speed pistol grip pneumatic screwdriver is your best choice. It offers superior industrial quality at reasonable prices, has an ergonomic handle mechanism resistant and it is reversible.


    Model T-KP-840P
    Type Pistol grip air screwdriver
    Max Torque 65Nm
    No Load Speed 7000rpm
    Air Inlet 1/4" (6.35mm)
    Collet Size 1/4"
    Bolt Capacity 5-8mm
    Air Hose Inner 6.5mm
    Working Pressure 90 psi
    Average Air Consumption 0.22m3/min
    Overall Length 190mm
    Weight 1.3kg
    Packing Included 1 * Air Screwdriver
    1 * Mini Screwdriver Bit
    1 * Adjustable Air Valve (Can be connected to the air inlet, used for adjusting speed and torque)
    1 * Steel Ring


    65Nm 1/4 inch 7000 rpm air screwdriver details


    Tips: Air Screwdrivers Advantages on

    1. No load Speed: The no load speed of air pneumatic screwdriver is generally within 500-8000r/min. Because the motor is driven by high-pressure air, the high-pressure air will take away the heat generated by the friction of the parts during operation, so it will not get hot during long-term and high-frequency operation.

    2. Torque accuracy: Pneumatic screwdrivers use mechanical braking, and changes in air pressure will affect the torque stability of the screwdriver, so the error is relatively large, and the repeatability is about 5%-3%. (It would be better if you install an air regulator.)

    3. Energy consumption: Using compressed gas as the actuation source, as long as the air pipeline is properly installed, the air consumption of each screwdriver is about 0.22m3/min, which is relatively more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    4. Maintenance cost: There are fewer consumables. As long as you pay attention to regular refilling of special pneumatic maintenance and refueling, there is generally no need to replace parts within one year.

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    Mfru | 11/17/2021 8:43 AM
    Good 7000rpm pistol grip air screwdriver
    This 65Nm pistol grip air screwdriver is very easy to use. Its operation is very simple. It can be done by one person. It is very convenient. Don't worry about breaking it.