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    7.5m (25 ft) Easy Read Steel Tape Measure

    Best and fair price steel tape measure perfect for accurate measurement, 7.5m (25 ft) measuring range, 25mm wide tape blade, easy to read, can be temporary lock, makes it quick and easy to get an exact measurement.
    SKU: T-STM-07
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    Wholesale price portable steel tape measure features 7.5m (25 ft) measuring range, 25mm blade is bend resistant and very straight even if the tape is stretched too long and too many times. A perfect measuring tape measurement tool with fractions accurately marked and easy reading.


    Model T-STM-7.5
    Product Name Steel tape measure
    Measuring Range 7.5m (25 ft)
    Tape Blade Width 25mm
    Material Plastic and rubber case + steel tape
    Weight 365g
    Application Measuring tool for engineering construction, household use


    7.5m steel tape measure dimension


    Easy read steel tape measure with cheap price details

    Small steel tape measure online for sales

    Tips: How to use tape measure?

    • Step 1: Prepare a tape measure. First, pay attention to the switch button on the tape measure, which is closed at this time.
    • Step 2: Turn on the tape measure switch, we can pull the tape at will, try to stretch and shrink.
    • Step 3: Align the 0 scale of the measuring tape and close to the front end of the measured object, then keep the measuring tape parallel to the measured object, and pull the measuring tape to the other end of the object and close to the end. After adjustment, close the switch so that the measuring tape cannot move.
    • Step 4: Keep the line of sight perpendicular to the scale on the tape when reading, read and record the data.
    • Step 5: Turn on the tape measure switch and retract the tape; close the switch and put it back.
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    Betty | 3/2/2021 8:56 AM
    7.5m easy read steel tape measure can be temporarily locked
    When I browsed the product webpage a few days ago, I found this 25ft easy read steel tape measure. Just a few days ago, I needed to build a new house at home, and I needed to use a steel tape measure, so I placed an order to buy it. The 7.5m easy read steel tape measure can be temporarily locked during the measuring range, allowing accurate measurements to be carried out quickly and easily.