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    5m (16 ft) Easy Read Steel Tape Measure

    Buy 5m (16 ft) easy read steel measuring tape at good price, thicker rubberized case for holding the tape safe, it can open and recoil the blade smoothly because of optimized internal mechanism, tape measure small enough to carry with you in a pocket.
    SKU: T-STM-05
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    Mini steel tape measure tool perfect for accurate measurement, 5m (16 ft) measuring range, 19mm tape blde width, with fractions accurately marked and easy to read, superior internal mechanism provides long life and smooth operation, applicable to engineering construction, household use.


    Model T-STM-05
    Product Name Steel tape measure
    Measuring Range 5m (16 ft)
    Tape Blade Width 19mm
    Material Plastic and rubber case + steel tape
    Weight 210g
    Application Measuring tool for engineering construction, household use


    5m steel tape measure dimension


    Easy read steel tape measure with cheap price details

    Small steel tape measure online for sales

    Tips: Main types of tape measures

    The tape measure is also called a measuring tool, usually a steel tape measure, followed by a fiber tape measure, which is often seen by many people as a cloth ruler. There is also a waist measurement ruler (tailor ruler/ clothing ruler belong to this category). The tape is made of PVC plastic and glass fiber. The glass fiber can prevent the tape from being stretched during use.

    Leather tape

    • The leather tape measure is made of glass fiber and PVC plastic, and the alias is fiber tape or soft measure. Leather tape measures are generally metric and imperial, which is 150 cm on one side and 60 inches on the other side. Inch is a commonly used unit of measurement abroad, and the unit of measurement for TVs and monitors is inches. And the size of the jeans is in inches.

    Gift tape

    • Used for advertising and promotion, it is divided into steel tape (steel tape) and leather tape (PVC plastic fiber tape), usually cute and small.
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    Iranzu | 10/27/2020 1:44 AM
    Time saving tape measure
    When I first received the easy read steel tape measure, I couldn't wait to use it on larger projects, because I just tried to see its accuracy, and the test results found that there was no problem with its measurement. I always bring a pencil with me when using a tape measure so that I can record the measurement results.