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    7 Piece Scratch Repair Kit

    7 piece scratch repair kit for wholesale, contains a 15mL scratch remover, 1 wool polishing disk, 4 sponge polishing disks and a 60W/12VDC scratch polisher, with two operation models polishing scratch and removing windshield oil slick.
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    7 piece scratch repair kit has 2 operation models. One is polishing scratches on the car paint, the other is removing oil slick on the windshield.


    • Quick removing scratches on the car varnish
    • Removing the swirl marks of the car paint
    • Coating with crystals on car paint surface
    • Removing windshield oil film
    • Car paint asphalts removal
    • Car body paint oxidation traces removal
    • Deep scratch repairing and polishing
    • Removal of oxidation spots on automobile stainless steel parts


    Basic Model T-SRGJ004
    Shipping weight 0.5kg
    Size 120*55*170mm
    Packing included 1 * scratch polisher
    1 * scratch remover
    4 * sponge polishing disks
    1 * wool polishing disk
    Scratch polisher Model T-LY-02
    Weight 260g
    Length 150mm
    Rated voltage DC 12V (car cigarette lighter)
    Rated power 60W
    Motor speed 0~6000 rpm
    Material ABS, aluminum, copper
    Cable length 5m
    Operation model A rotary knob for switching to 2 operation models:
    1) Polishing scratch
    2) Removing windshield oil slick
    Scratch remover Model T-SRYMJ-001
    Net content 15mL

    Tips: How to repair different types of car paint scratches?

    There are 5 types of scratches on car paint. So we will give you 3 different repair methods as follows:

    1. Swirl marks, minor scratches and shallow scratches
      First squeeze a little scratch remover on the scratches, then use scratch polisher to install a sponge polishing disk for polishing until the scratches become very shallow, and finally polish with a wool polishing disk.
    2. Medium scratches
      Wipe the scratches with alcohol to remove stains. Use a paint pen or paint brush to apply the paint to cover the scratches. After 24 hours, when the paint is completely cured, install polishing sandpaper disk on the 12V scratch polisher and polish the convex parts of the paint (It is better to polish by hand for newbie.). Then squeeze a little scratch removal cream on the scratches, change the sponge polishing disk for polishing, and finally polish with a wool polishing disk.
    3. Deep scratches
      Small and slender deep scratches can be treated as medium scratches.
      For deep scratches with larger areas, you can purchase a paint pen kit to touch up the paint first, and then use the scratch repair kit to polish and complete the repair.
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