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    9 Piece Scratch Repair Kit

    Best 9 piece scratch repair kit includes a 12VDC scratch polisher, a 15mL scratch remover and 7 pieces polishing disks. Sponge polishing disk removing minor scratches, sandpaper disk polishing repair paint, and wool disk for highlight processing.
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    9 piece scratch repair kit is the professional automotive repair tool for repairing most of the car scratches and removing insects on the vehicle surface.


    • Quick repairing paint scratches
    • Removing the swirl marks of the car paint
    • Grinding and repairing the car lights which become yellow
    • Quickly removing insect on the car paint
    • Car paint oxidation traces removal
    • Car paint high gloss polishing
    • Deep scratch repairing and polishing
    • Removal of oxidation spots on automobile metal parts


    Basic Model T-SRGJ001
    Shipping weight 0.5kg
    Size 120*55*170mm
    Packing included 1 * scratch polisher
    1 * scratch remover
    4 * sponge polishing disks
    1 * wool polishing disk
    2 * polishing sandpaper disks
    Scratch polisher Model T-LY-01
    Weight 260g
    Length 150mm
    Rated voltage DC 12V (car cigarette lighter)
    Rated power 60W
    Motor speed 0~6000 rpm
    Material ABS, aluminum, copper
    Cable length 5m
    Scratch remover Model T-SRYMJ-001
    Net content 15mL

    Tips: 4 operation steps for scratch repair kit

    1. Clean the car paint around the scratches.
    2. Squeeze a small amount of scratch remover on the paint scratches.
    3. Plug the power connector into the electronic cigarette lighter interface.
    4. Squeeze the scratch remover with the polishing disk. Turn on the power switch and repair for 1 minute.

    Note: The polisher needs to move back and forth when polishing. It is not allowed to continue polishing in the same place for more than 3 seconds, to avoid the generation of heat by friction affecting the repair effect.

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    Alex | 9/25/2020 2:23 AM
    Practical 9 piece scratch repair kit
    This 9-piece scratch repair kit is so practical, there are a total of nine products in the package, each with its own function such as: Sponge polishing disk removing minor scratches, sandpaper disk polishing repair paint and wool disk for highlight processing. I really like this scratch repair kit and I really recommend you to buy it.