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    White Scratch Remover for Car Paint Polishing

    White scratch remover adopts advanced water-based formula polishing wax, polishing quickly, less wax chips, and better cleaning effect. Professionally deal with all kinds of defects in the vehicle paint surface and restore the brightness and smoothness of car.
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    White scratch remover is a good polishing tool for automotive sheet metal beauty and repair. The car will has high gloss and authenticity after polishing. It is better to matched with sponge disks or wool disks, and the polisher speed is controlled at 1500-2000 rpm for the best effect.


    • Can quickly remove sandpaper marks above 1500#.
    • Water-free polishing, water-based environmental protection, no dust, easy to clean.
    • Not cover up (Even clean with detergent, it will be as bright as new.), completely remove sandpaper marks and no oil film, no need to wipe with towel.
    • No aperture, no dazzle marks, one step to achieve mirror effect.
    • Wax will not have white spots attached to the plastic parts, no need to worry about car washing effect.
    • Pure concentrated wax with high concentration and low dosage, greatly saves cost, time and effort.


    Model T-SRPGL001
    Shipping weight 1.5kg
    Net content 1000mL
    Material Polishing wax
    Type Liquid
    Color White
    Storage Store at temperatures below 40℃ (104℉) environment
    Avoid direct sunlight
    Keep out of reach of children
    Warranty 3 years

    Operation instructions:

    1. Shake the product well before use and choose a suitable medium polishing disk.
    2. The proper polisher speed is 1800 rpm. Start polishing from low rotation to scatter the wax, and then slowly adjust the rotation speed to 1800 rpm, after removing the sandpaper marks, the high gloss polishing speed is about 2000-2500 rpm.


    1. Store at room temperature, not exposed to the sun.
    2. Prohibit contact with eyes or swallow, keep away from children.
    3. Please use under the guidance of technicians.
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