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    12 Line Rotary Green Laser Level

    Best 12 lines green laser level tool for sale online, ±3° self-leveling range, 8 horizontal line and 4 vertical lines can rotate 360 degrees to cover the floor, walls, and ceiling of the entire room. With 5800 mhA rechargeable lithium battery for 72 hours standby, remote control, more convenient and quick.
    SKU: T-SL-12
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    Cheap price self-leveling laser level with 12 green lines: 4 vertical line and 8 horizontal line, 360° rotation. Buy the laser level package which including magnetic pivoting base, remote control device, adjustable lifting platform and magnetic bracket to help you measure the different positions.


    Model T-SL-12
    No.of Laser Lines 12
    Leveling Type 4 vertical line, 8 horizontal line, 6 crossing line
    Laser Wavelength 635nm
    Self-Leveling Range ±3° (when angle of inclination ≤3°, laser level auto self-leveling; when angle of inclination ≥3°, buzzer alarm.)
    Launch Angle ≥120°
    Horizontal Accuracy 5m±1mm
    Vertical Accuracy 5m±1mm
    Plumb Dot Accuracy ±1mm at 1.5m
    Line Width 1.5mm
    Line Color Emerald green
    Power Source Lithium battery / DC charger
    Battery Type 2 x 5800mA rechargeable lithium battery (72 hours standby)
    IP Rating IP 54
    Operation Temperature -10℃~50℃
    Wall Distance 7mm
    Ground Distance 6mm
    Function Key Fingerprint touch buttons
    Laser Head Made in Germany
    Material Alloy body + plastic shell
    Working Time 12 hours
    Remote Control Yes
    Slash Mode Yes
    Application Ceiling, home decoration, door and window installation, etc
    Weight 3kg
    Packing Included 1 x 8 Line Green Laser Level
    2 x 5800mA Lithium Battery
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x Magnetic Bracket
    1 x Adjustable Lifting Platform
    1 x Magnetic Pivoting Base
    1 x Hand-shell Carrying Case
    1 x Remote Control
    1 x Conversion Screw
    1 x User Manual


    8/12/16 lines 360 degree green laser level detais

    12 lines self leveling green laser level diagram

    Tips: How to choose the right laser level?

    The laser level is an instrument used to measure the height difference with the ground level. Laser level meters can be divided into green light level meters, red light level meters and LED blue light level meters.

    Green light level and LED blue light level are common indoor and outdoor, and the line mark when using green and blue light outdoors is obvious, and the price is more expensive than the price of red light level. The red light level is suitable for indoor use, but the effect is not good for outdoor use.

    The commonly used laser levels are 2 line, 3 line, 5 line, 8 line, etc. If it is only used for wall tiles, just buy a 2-line laser level; if you need to paste wall tiles and floor tiles, buy a 3-line laser level; if you want to decorate the ceiling, you need a 5-line laser level.


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    Maha | 1/5/2021 7:38 AM
    Nice laser level
    This laser level is really good. I have always wanted such a laser level. I bought it on before. I looked at it on the Internet and found it is still easy to use on The price is affordable and the quality is very good. The seller's service is also in place and must be praised.