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    90 Degree Corner Clamp for Woodworking

    Favorable price 90 degree woodworking corner clamp for wholesale, jaw opening 68mm and jaw width 95mm, adjustable jaw, light and durable aluminum alloy die-casting clamp body, ergonomic TPR soft handle, best right angle clamp for DIY home decoration, welding, framing, etc.
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    • 90 degree corner clamp or right angle clamp, jaw opening 68mm and jaw width 95mm.
    • Made from Aluminum alloy die-casting clamp frame, abrasion-resistant steel nut and electroplating anti-rust shaft, good strength and high durability.
    • With adjustable jaw, one-hand corner clamp can hold workpieces in different thickness.
    • TPR soft handle with ergonomic design, anti-slip and comfortable for long work.
    • Best woodworking corner clamps for 90° corner joints, applicable for home decoration, framing, drilling, doweling, furniture installing, picture frame and aquarium and so on.


    Model T-CLAMP-YZL001
    Clamp Type Right angle/corner
    Jaw Width 95mm
    Jaw Opening 68mm
    Angle 90º
    Dimension (L*W) 285mm * 211mm
    Weight 941g
    Material Aluminum alloy de-casting

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimension Drawing

    90 Degree Right Angle Clamp Sizes


    90 Degree Corner Clamp Applications

    Tips: 90 degree corner clamp for picture/photo frames

    90 degree corner clamp, a common woodworking tool, is used for picture/photo framing, box or cabinet assembling, welding, etc.

    The 90 degree corner clamp the most suitable for making photo frames. After the photo frame is glued, this clamp can be used to fix the four corners, just turning the hand to achieve the effect of clamping and fixing. The angle block of corner clamp is divided into two types: fixed type and adjustable type. The fixed type is fixed at a 90-degree right angle, and the adjustable angle clamp is able to fix irregular angles. The latter is better at use.

    But in fact, if the tools are complete, there are many ways to actually fix it at a right angle, and it is just a relatively convenient method to have a 90 degree corner clamp.

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    Julio | 12/25/2020 2:42 AM
    Is the right angle clamp useful for beginners?
    Hello, I am a beginner. Will right-angle clips work for me?
    A manager responded to this review
    Hello, I am glad to answer your question. The right angle clamp is very useful for fixing large workpieces at right angles, and its operation method is also very simple, and it is easy for beginners to use it. But it is different from several other devices such as pliers. Right-angle clamps are very versatile and are the first choice for beginners.