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    3/4 inch Pipe Clamp for Woodworking

    Heavy duty woodworking pipe clamp fixture for 3/4 inch pipe, clamping capacity only limited by the length of the pipe used, made of tough cast iron, optional straight handle or hand-cranked handle, clutch-disc design for easy pipe holding and release.
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    Affordable price 3/4 inch pipe clamp fixture for wholesale. The clamping capcaity is up to the the length of the pipe you use. High quality cast iron construction and clutch-disc design, the pipe clamp is easy to hold and release the wood, best for woodworking, metalworking and so on.


    Model T-CLAMP-6PIPE
    Size 3/4 inch
    Material Cast iron
    Handle Type (Optional) Straight handle or Hand-cranked handle
    Dimension A 44mm
    B 44mm
    C 120mm
    For Use With (NOT Included) 3/4" pipe (inner diameter 20mm & outside diameter 26mm)
    Weight 1kg (Straight handle) or 1.1kg (Hand-cranked handle)

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimension Drawing

    3/4 inch pipe clamp fixture dimension drawing
    3/4" pipe clamp fixture

    Tips: Clamps for woodworking beginners

    Clamps are a necessity for woodworking. There are many types of clamps, their usages are also different, and the prices vary greatly. For carpenter enthusiasts, especially those who are just getting started, how to choose a clamp is a headache matter. Woodworking clamps are usually classified into F or bar clamps, G or C clamps, spring clamps, pipe clamps, etc. according to their appearance characteristics. The clamp is a necessary tool for woodworking. It is simple enough to use, a good helper for woodworking.

    Someone always asks what clamps are needed to start carpentry. This question is difficult to answer without knowing the background. What do you mainly do carpentry? Furniture? Sculpture? Or wood spin? However, although the clamp required for different jobs are different, some basic clamps will always be used if you buy them.

    For beginners, these clamps are first recommended:

    • 4-10 pcs bar clamps
    • 2-4 pcs quick release bar clamps
    • 5-10 pcs spring clamps
    • 2 pcs pipe clamps

    Then you can buy another types of clamps according to your needs.

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    ulises | 10/19/2020 2:28 AM
    The pipe clamp is very suitable for woodworking
    After reading many reviews on, I decided to buy this woodworking pipe clamp. After receiving the goods, I went to the mountain and cut some wood. I cut them in half and since one end of the wood is inserted into the end of the fixture, I only need to move the end of the wood to fix the object to be clamped.