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    Quick Release Bar Clamp, 4"/10"/18"/24"/30"

    Wholesale quick release ratchet bar clamp / spreader at good price. Quick action F clamp with trigger, a wide range of clamping capacity from 4-in, 6-in, 10-in to 30-in, one-handed operation, designed with quick grip and release, easy and efficient, suitable for woodworking, metalworking, welding or DIY projects.
    SKU: T-CLAMP-T336
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    Quick grip & release ratchet bar clamps for sale, come with various sizes 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch and 30 inch to meet you different clamping requirements in woodworking or DIY projects. These one-handed clamps with trigger and quick-release button allow it to freely slide jaw to any position, quick grip and release, high efficiency and simple operation. The clamp spreader can also work as both clamp and spreader. With PP plastic pads, it help prevent the surface damage when firmly gripping.


    Model T-CLAMP-8007 T-CLAMP-8010 T-CLAMP-8011 T-CLAMP-8012 T-CLAMP-8013 T-CLAMP-8014 T-CLAMP-8015 T-CLAMP-8016
    Overall Length 195mm 328mm 375mm 428mm 482mm 625mm 780mm 925mm
    Overall Width 105mm 210mm 210mm 210mm 210mm 210mm 210mm 210mm
    Throat Depth 45mm 87mm 87mm 87mm 87mm 87mm 87mm 87mm
    Clamping Capacity 103mm (4") 150mm (6") 200mm (8") 253mm (10") 312mm (12") 450mm (18") 597mm (24") 750mm (30")
    Weight 72g 484g 530g 554g 575g 698g 806g 913g
    Rail Material Forged steel

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimension Drawing

    Quick Release Bar Clamp Spreader Dimension Drawing

    Clamp Details

    Quick Release Bar Clamp Details

    How to Convert a Bar Clamp to a Spreader?

    One-handed Ratchet Bar Clamp Changed to Spreader

    Tips: Quick release bar clamp for woodworking

    In the woodworking, some processes have to clamp and loosen the clamped wood very frequently. The ordinary bar clamp particularly affect work efficiency because the clamping and releasing operations are very slow. For these processes, it is best to use a woodworking quick release bar clamp.

    This kind of quick release bar clamp adopts the material of aluminum alloy and steel. The aluminum alloy part can reduce the overall weight of the clamp, so that the operation will not be particularly tired. The handle adopts a quick-release ratchet structure to ensure fast clamping, and the maximum clamping force can be achieved with only a small force, greatly saving manpower and time.
    The unique quick release button, just press this button to release the pressure quickly, and you don't need to use any force. The clamping force is immediately disappeared.

    At the same time, the quick release bar clamp is also equipped with a large and wide rubber pad to ensure that the clamping force is more uniform. The rubber material of the pad can also protect the object from being scratched.


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    Velarde | 2/20/2021 2:39 AM
    Fast delivery
    After a friend's recommendation, I bought this quick release bar clamp from It is delivered very quickly, and it was shipped within a few hours after placing an order. The quality of the product is very good, and I will give it five stars. We will continue to buy if necessary in the future.