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    Air Nipper, Cutting 1.6mm Copper Wire

    Buy air nipper at affordable price. Applied to cutting the 1.6mm copper wire and 1.0mm iron wire. Best air scissor metal cutting tool with abrasive resistance and durability. 59-72psi operating air pressure, 116cm³/ cycle air consumption, 580N applied pressure.
    SKU: T-HS10-S4
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    Cheap pneumatic scissor for copper and iron wire cutting. Maximum cutting capacity is 1.6mm. Small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, reliable in performance, is the wear-resistant and durable air cutter. Widely used in electronics, instruments, meters and other industries.


    Model T-HS10-S4
    Maximum Cutting Capacity

    1.6mm Copper Wire

    1.0mm Iron Wire

    Air Consumption 116cm³/ cycle
    Operating Air Pressure 59-72psi
    Applied Pressure 580N
    Recommended Hose Inner Diameter 5mm
    Applicable Hose Size 5*8mm
    Overall Length 170mm
    Net Weight 0.29kg
    Package Weight 0.5kg


    Air nipper cutting 1.6mm copper wire details A. overall length: 80mm
    B. thickness: 9mm
    E. working length of blade: 13mm
    F. working angle of blade: 25°
    G. V-shaped upper end: 6mm
    H. V-shaped bottom end: 3mm
    I. maximum width of knife arm: 22mm
    J. maximum thickness of knife arm: 9mm
    K. minimum thickness of knife arm: 0mm
    L. front end length of screw hole: 26mm
    width of closed shear: 21mm
    extending length: 20mm

    Installation of air nipper blade

    1. Put the blade into the air nipper body.
    2. Align the bolt and put it in.
    3. Tighten the nut.

    Installation of air nipper blade

    Tips: Troubleshooting for rusty blades of air nipper

    • The surface of the cutter blade of the air nipper has accumulated dust containing other metal elements or attachments of foreign metal particles. In the humid air, the condensed water between the attachment and the steel connects the two to form a micro battery. An electrochemical reaction is triggered, the protective film of the air shear is damaged, and the blade of the pneumatic nipper produces rust stains, which is called electrochemical corrosion.
    • The surface of the blade of the pneumatic scissor adheres to the organic juice (such as melon, vegetable, noodle soup, sputum, etc.), which forms organic acid in the presence of water and oxygen, and the organic acid will corrode the metal surface over time.
    • The surface of the blade of air cutters contains acid, alkali, and salt substances (such as alkaline water and lime water splashing on the decoration wall), causing local corrosion.

    Therefore, to ensure that the cutter blade surface of the pneumatic scissors is permanently bright and not rusted, we suggest:

    1. The surface of the blade of the air scissors must be cleaned and scrubbed frequently to shave off attachments and eliminate external factors that cause rust stains.
    2. The chemical composition of some steels on the market cannot meet the corresponding national standards and material requirements. So rust can also be caused.
    3. Spray anti-rust oil on the blades of pneumatic shear regularly and quantitatively, and do simple maintenance.
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