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    Air Nipper, Cutting 4mm Soft Plastic

    Buy air scissor at affordable price. Best for shearing 4mm soft plastic and 3mm hard plastic, is an pneumatic tool with strong cutting ability and safety. 116cm³/ cycle air consumption, 59-72psi working air pressure, 580N applied pressure.
    SKU: T-HS10-F3
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    Wholesale price pneumatic cutter online. Air shear with great advantages: The air inlet is sealed, and the air flow is strong and does not leak. Pressing plate switch, not easy to deformation, feel good.


    Model T-HS10-F3
    Maximum Cutting Capacity

    4mm Soft Plastic

    3mm Hard Plastic

    Air Consumption 116cm³/ cycle
    Operating Air Pressure 59-72psi
    Applied Pressure 580N
    Recommended Hose Inner Diameter 5mm
    Applicable Hose Size 5*8mm
    Overall Length 170mm
    Net Weight 0.29kg
    Package Weight 0.5kg


    Details of air nipper which cuts 4mm soft plastic A. overall length: 82mm
    B. thickness: 9mm
    E. working length of blade: 14mm
    F. working angle of blade: 25°
    G. V-shaped upper end: 6mm
    H. V-shaped bottom end: 3.5mm
    I. maximum width of knife arm: 22mm
    J. maximum thickness of knife arm: 6mm
    K. minimum thickness of knife arm: 1mm
    L. front end length of screw hole: 26mm
    width of closed shear: 20mm
    extending length: 19mm

    Installation of air nipper blade

    1. Put the blade into the air nipper body.
    2. Align the bolt and put it in.
    3. Tighten the nut.

    Installation of air nipper blade

    Tips: 6 tips for operating pneumatic nipper correctly

    1. Before installing the blade and the body device of the air nipper, confirm whether the air pressure (air compressor) has been turned off.
    2. When working with the blade of the air shear, try to use the intermediate value of the blade working length.
    3. Confirm the working air pressure specified by the air scissor.
    4. When air cutter finished working, you need to turn off the air pressure (air compressor) in time and do simple maintenance on the air shear.
    5. The performance and maintenance of pneumatic scissor are related to many elements, and the power and flow of the air source (air compressor) are the most basic elements. And a good air path attachment can effectively reduce the air source loss.
    6. Calibration of pneumatic nipper. After a air cutter tool is used for a period of time or stops assembly, it needs to stop working and do calibration. Generally, the "static torque" inspection method is adopted, and some torque wrenches or torque simulation test instruments are used for verification.
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    Matthew | 1/20/2021 3:43 AM
    Air nipper with fast working speed
    The female workers in the factory have received the air nipper and used it as soon as they received it. The cutting speed of the copper wire is very fast, the continuity is very strong, and the work efficiency is much higher. It is very sharp. If you pay attention to maintenance, you should be able to use it for long time.