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    Air Nipper, Cutting 8mm Soft Plastic

    Lower cost pneumatic air nipper for sale online, is a cutter tool powered by compressed air. Maximum cutting capacity is 8mm soft plastic and 7mm hard plastic. Small size & light weight, easy and convenient to control and operate, flexible and powerful.
    SKU: T-HS20-F5
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    Best sale pneumatic scissor with cheap price. A popular air nipper tool featured by simple operation, strong persistence and strong shearing ability. 230cm³/ cycle air consumption, 73-87psi operating air pressure, 1370N applied pressure, 3/8 Inch air inlet.


    Model T-HS20-F5
    Maximum Cutting Capacity

    8mm Soft Plastic

    7mm Hard Plastic

    Air Consumption 230cm³/ cycle
    Operating Air Pressure 73-87psi
    Applied Pressure 1370N
    Air Inlet Size 3/8 Inch
    No Load Speed 800rpm
    Frequency 50Hz
    Applicable Hose Size 5*8mm
    Overall Length 195mm
    Net Weight 0.49kg
    Package Weight 0.7kg


    Details of air nipper which cuts 8mm soft plastic A. overall length: 95mm
    B. thickness: 12mm
    E. working length of blade: 18mm
    F. working angle of blade: 15°
    G. V-shaped upper end: 11mm
    H. V-shaped bottom end: 5mm
    I. maximum width of knife arm: 28mm
    J. maximum thickness of knife arm: 12mm
    K. minimum thickness of knife arm: 1mm
    L. front end length of screw hole: 31mm
    width of closed shear: 24mm
    extending length: 26mm

    Installation of air nipper blade

    1. Put the blade into the air nipper body.
    2. Align the bolt and put it in.
    3. Tighten the nut.

    Installation of air nipper blade

    Tips: Air nipper troubleshooting - Why does the pneumatic scissor not work?

    1. If the newly-purchased pneumatic scissor cannot cut off soft plastic or hard plastic, it is usually a mistake in the selection of pneumatic scissor. The cutting capacity of the selected air nipper model does not meet the requirements, so you can only replace the air scissor with greater cutting capacity. Therefore, when purchasing air cutter, you must tell the sales staff clearly what material you need to cut with the air scissor, and how many millimeters the diameter of the material is.
    2. The blade of the air shear cutting tool is a consumable. If it has been used for a long time, the blade will become blunt, and the cutting ability is reduced. Pay attention to maintaining the air scissor blade during use.
    3. Note that if the cylinder is used for a long time, the O-ring is prone to aging, the air tightness becomes poor, and air leakage occurs, resulting in insufficient air pressure.
    4. When the air nipper still cannot cut after connecting to the air source, you need to check whether the air pressure at the air pipe joint is enough 73-87psi, and then check whether the air inlet joint is excessively worn. If the air shear still does not work after replacing the new air inlet connector, there may be something wrong with the inside of the air shear. You can carefully disassemble and inspect the air scissor yourself.
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