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    Air Powered Airless Paint Sprayer, 69:1, 3.5 GPM

    Heavy duty professional air powered airless paint sprayer for sale, equipped with a fluid filter pump and 1.4/1.7mm nozzle paint spray gun. Pneumatic airless paint sprayer with pressure ratio 46:1, max. flow 13 GPM, air pressure 44 – 101 PSI. Ideal for roof and ceiling coating, interior wall, and exterior house.
    SKU: T-NAPS-69
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    Heavy duty professional air powered airless paint sprayer is a high pressure airless painting machine that is suitable for various commercial, industrial and home uses with a 1.4/1.7mm nozzle airless paint spray gun.


    • The air assisted airless paint sprayer is equipped with a fluid filter pump that can transport the coatings to the airless paint spray gun through a high pressure hose.
    • The mainly parts of our pneumatic airless paint sprayers are made from stainless steel material that has long time service.
    • This machine is widely used for roof and ceiling painting, interior wall, exterior house, ship building and repair, steel structure, furniture and automobile.


    Model T-NAPS-69
    Pressure Ratio 69:1
    Max. Flow 3.5 GPM (13.8 L/min)
    Air Pressure 0.3-0.7MPa (44 - 101 PSI)
    Stroke 100mm
    Cylinder Diameter 250mm
    Air Hose Diameter 13mm
    Net Weight 80kg
    Accessaries 1 PC Paint spray gun, nozzle size, 1.4/1.7mm
    1 PC Paint hose
    1 PC Suction hose with filter
    1 PC O-ring
    Coating Type Used for ground coat, oil-based and water-based coating, magnetic paint, fireproof Paint, etc.


    Airless Paint Sprayer Details

    Tips: Notices of Using the Air Powered Airless Paint Sprayer

    1. Before use, learn about the paint technical parameters, ensure that the paint and solvent are suitable for the pneumatic airless paint sprayer.
    2. Safety goggles, gloves, protective clothing and protective mask must be worn in accordance with safety and health requirements.
    3. Carefully check and tighten all joints of the air powered airless paint sprayer. Make sure the high pressure hose is intact. If there is any damage, the whole hose must be replaced.
    4. Ensure that the trigger insurance is safe to operate.
    5. Do not point the paint spray gun at any part of the body or put your hand in front of the nozzle.
    6. Do not drag the high pressure hose through the narrow place, sharp edge and hot surface or crushed by any object.
    7. It is strictly prohibited to twist and bend the high pressure hose, or drag the air assisted painting machine with the high pressure hose.
    8. Must lock the trigger of the paint spray gun and open the drain valve of the spraying machine when spraying stops.
    9. With the inlet valve open and unrelieved pressure, it is not allowed to loosen the joint parts of the paint pump, high pressure hose and spray gun.
    10. After finish the painting work, please Clean and inspect the pneumatic airless paint sprayer in time.

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