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    Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer, 40:1, 8.5 GPM

    Professional pneumatic airless paint sprayer for sale at cheap price, used with 1.4/1.7mm nozzle size air assisted airless spray gun. Pressure ratio 40:1, max. flow 8.5 GPM, air pressure 29 – 87 PSI. Best painting machine for roof and ceiling painting, interior wall, and exterior house.
    SKU: T-NAPS-40
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    Professional pneumatic airless paint sprayer is a high pressure airless painting machine that applies various paints on the workpiece surface with an airless paint spray gun.


    • The air assisted airless paint sprayer is equipped with a fluid filter pump that can transport the coatings to the airless paint spray gun through a high pressure hose.
    • The mainly parts of our pneumatic airless paint sprayers are made from stainless steel material that has long time service.
    • This machine is widely used for roof and ceiling painting, interior wall, exterior house, ship building and repair, steel structure, furniture and automobile.


    Model T-NAPS-40
    Pressure Ratio 40:1
    Max. Flow 8.5 GPM (32 L/min)
    Air Pressure 0.2-0.6MPa (29 - 87 PSI)
    Stroke 120mm
    Cylinder Diameter 250mm
    Air Hose Diameter 13mm
    Net Weight 70kg
    Accessaries 1 PC Paint spray gun, nozzle size, 1.4/1.7mm
    1 PC Paint hose
    1 PC Suction hose with filter
    1 PC O-ring
    Coating Type Used for ground coat, oil-based and water-based coating, magnetic paint, fireproof Paint, etc.


    Airless Paint Sprayer Details

    Tips: How to extend a Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer Service Life?

    Now most professional home decoration, ship building and repair, steel structure, furniture and automobile will use the high pressure air assisted airless sprayer. In the time of spraying, this machine can effectively put the paint spray, making coatings through the nozzle to a high place. Because there would be no air inside the painting, it won't appear the phenomenon that falls off the wall for a long time.

    Check the pneumatic airless paint sprayer before use.
    Our air assisted airless paint sprayer generally has not any fault, but in order to maintain this machine, you should check whether the oil inside of the pump is enough. Sometimes the high pressure air powered airless spraying machine in use after a period of time, the air pipe will appear the phenomenon of air leakage, which is mainly caused by low oil pressure. You just need to fill some oil into the oil pump.

    After use, clean the surface of the air assisted airless paint sprayer.
    As we all know, some coatings and paintings will corrode the body of the high pressure pneumatic airless paint sprayer, it is necessary to clean the surface of it after use. And when using, make sure that these coatings do not exist on the spray painting machine for a long period of time. For the spray gun, use clean water to effectively clean the whole nozzle, otherwise there will be a collision blockage. In addition, when using some high viscosity paints, it should be cleaned twice as often as usual.

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    Melody | 4/20/2021 7:56 AM
    Outstanding design
    I bought this pneumatic airless paint sprayer for painting on walls and concrete surfaces. It is well made and easy to use. What I like the most is the excellent design of the pneumatic airless paint sprayer, which is the main reason I bought it.