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    Mini Air Spray Gun, 150/600ml, 1.0/1.3mm

    Mini HVLP gravity feed air spray gun for sale, 150ml (5 Oz), 600ml (20 Oz), and optional pneumatic sprayer with 1.0/1.3mm nozzle. Working pressure 0.25 -0.3 MPa, spraying scope 90 – 200mm, air inlet 1/4 inch. Light in weight, low price, high quality, suitable for color paint, metal paint, latex paint and nitrolacquer.
    SKU: T-ASG-150
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    Mini HVLP gravity feed air paint spray gun is small and light in weight, perfect for painting leather goods, toys, small area repair, etc.


    Model T-ASG-150A T-ASG-600A
    Type Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun
    Nozzle Diameter 1.0 mm 1.3 mm
    Spraying Scope 90 - 200 mm 90 - 200 mm
    Spraying Cup Capacity 150ml (5 Oz) 600ml (20 Oz)
    Working Pressure 0.25 - 0.3 MPa 0.25 - 0.3 MPa
    Air Inlet Size 1/4 inch (6.35mm) 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Hose Size 6.5mm 6.5mm
    Air Consumption 250 L/Min 250 L/Min
    Power Source Air Powered Air Powered
    Body Dimension 180mm * 110mm 210mm * 140mm
    Weight 0.32kg 0.51kg

    Structures of air paint sprayer

    • Paint spraying cup: The paint spraying cup made of high quality PP plastic that is corrosion resistant and sealed. It effectively avoids paint leakage.
    • Adjustable spraying cap: The spraying cap can be adjusted 360 degrees to control the direction of the spraying scope.
    • Starting switch: The starting switch is divided into first gear and second gear. First gear can blow off dust, and second gear is painted.
    • Spraying scope valve: The looser the knob, the smaller the spraying scope, and the tighter the knob, the smaller the spraying width.
    • Spraying fluid valve: The looser the knob, the more paint, the tighter the knob, the less paint.
    • Air pressure valve: You can adjust the air pressure valve to get the good atomization effect and paint saving.


    Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun 150 600 ml-1.0 1.3 mm Details


    Air Spray Gun Applications

    Tips: Why is the Mini Air Spray Gun Blocked?

    Generally, it is a very disturbing thing that the nozzle of the mini air paint sprayer is blocked when you use it for painting car, furniture, house and others. If you don’t fix it or clean it up, the quality of the work will be seriously affected. There are several reasons for nozzle blockage.
    1. Foreign matter into the nozzle. If you accidentally drop the spray gun in the operation, it is likely to cause nozzle blockage. Not serious fall can be restored to normal spraying as long as remove the foreign matter in the nozzle, and the serious may need to change the spray nozzle of the pneumatic sprayer.
    2. Air spray gun is not cleaned after use. If the air sprayer is not cleaned thoroughly after use, the paint will get hard inside the spray gun, leading to internal blockage of the spray gun or nozzle blockage.
    If you try to avoid this situation, the spray gun should be cleaned every time after use, and pay attention to whether it has been cleaned thoroughly. Use the coating with good circulation and no easy to agglomerate. In short, if you want to extend the service life of the nozzle, you should maintain and clean the air spray gun in use.

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    Jeff | 11/10/2020 6:09 AM
    Cleaning problem of mini spray gun
    How to clean this mini spray gun?
    A manager responded to this review
    Dear customer, hello, thank you for your question. You can clean it by using mineral oil. First pour out the residue in the bottle. After the residue is empty, use the tool that comes with the spray gun to pull the nozzle and tip and clean it with mineral oil. After cleaning, put it back in place for the next use.