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    Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner, 4500Pa, 120W

    4500Pa portable cordless vacuum cleaner for wholesale, 510g light weight, 37cm length, 120 watt rated power, 28000rpm rated speed, features a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, a washable HEPA filter, a USB cable and other cleaning accessories.
    SKU: T-CVCL-C3
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    120W portable cordless car vacuum cleaner has 4500Pa vacuum degree, 7.4VDC battery working voltage, 2000mAh battery capacity, can continuous cleaning dry/wet rubbish for 25~30 minutes.


    Model T-ST-6608-1
    Shipping weight 0.8k
    Length 37cm
    Nozzle width 7.7cm
    Color Black, white
    Vacuum degree 4500Pa
    Working voltage 7.4V
    Rated power of motor 120W
    Rated speed of motor 28000rpm
    Battery type Lithium battery 18650
    Battery capacity 2000mAh
    USB cable length 1m
    Power adapter Any lithium battery power adapter with working voltage 110V-240V and USB interface
    Charge time 3h
    Working time 1 time full charge supporting 25~30min cleaning
    Note: Continuous working time can't exceed 30 minutes.
    Function Cleaning any dry/wet rubbish, such as crumbs, cigarette butts, cigarette ashes, dust, hair, granules, liquids, etc.
    Packing size 365*115*125mm
    Pack included 1 * vacuum cleaner
    1 * hose
    1 * USB cable
    1 * nozzle set
    1 * HEPA filter (inside the cleaner)

    Tips: Can I use a car vacuum cleaner at home?
    When there is rubbish like small debris or dust, using a vacuum cleaner can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. This is not only the case of cleaning the home, but also the vehicle cleaning. Now, there will be a question. Can we use the car vacuum cleaner at home?
    The answer is yes! Car vacuum cleaners can be used for home use, but since the original intention of design is not for home, its power, vacuum degree and dust canister capacity are not as good as ordinary household vacuum cleaners.
    If it is a cordless vacuum cleaner powered by a built-in battery, it can be used directly at home.
    If it is a car vacuum cleaner powered by a cigarette lighter. You can buy an AC/DC adepter with the output of cigarette lighter interface, and then it is ok to use car vacuum cleaner at home.

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