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    Ball Peen Hammer, 16 Oz/24 Oz/32 Oz

    Economical price ball peen hammer for sale, size in 16 Oz/24 Oz/32 Oz, high quality alloy steel with peach wood handle, tight and no easy to fall off. Both of the ball peen surface is subjected to high frequency heat treatment, it is hardness and durable.
    SKU: T-BP-H
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    The best ball peen hammer made from high quality alloy steel that is high hardness, wear resistance and dirt resistance. Hammer head and hard wood handle connect compactly, it is not easy to fall off. And the round can be used for uneven surfaces. Three specifications are available, 1 lb (16 Oz)/ 1.5 lb (24 Oz)/ 2 lb (32 Oz). 


    Model T-BP-1 T-BP-15 T-BP-2
    Material Alloy Steel Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
    Handle Material Hard wood Hard wood Hard wood
    Size 1 lb (16 Oz) 1.5 lb (24 Oz) 2 lb (32 Oz)
    Weight 1040g 1030g 1050g


    16 Oz Ball Peen Hammer Details

    Tips: What is a Ball Peen Hammer?
    A ball peen hammer has two heads, one is round and the other is flat. The head of a ball peen hammer is harder than the head of a claw hammer, so it doesn’t crack on impact, which is the best hand tool for striking metals.
    A ball peen hammer is usually used for riveting before rivet guns appear. Firstly, drive the nail through a wood with the flat head of a ball peen hammer, and then use the round head strike the other side of the nail. Striking the nail with the hammer will create a special shape at the end of the nail, which fastens the two metal plates effectively. It is not allowed to strike the nail shaft straight on, because it will make the nail bend in the hole. The ball peen hammer is used for striking chisels and punches as well, which is the best multi-functional hammer.

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