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    Machinist's Hammer, 200g/300g/500g

    Wholesale best machinist’s hammer, 200g/300g/500g, made from carbon steel with square smooth face. Fiberglass handle, seal the hammer head with black glue. Low price machinist’s hammer is extremely durable.
    SKU: T-MH-25
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    Economical price machinist’s hammer adopts fiberglass handle that has a high tensile strength. It has square and smooth head, which can be used in daily hammering. The tail increased the destructive power, which can be used for dismantling.


    • Machinist’s hammer handle tail has a peg hole, it can be hung up if you don’t use it.
    • Hammer head adopts high quality carbon steel, which is hard and durable.
    • The surface of hammer head is processed by black sand grain, and two hammer face is polished, which is not easy to rust.
    • The hammer handle is firmly connected with black glue to prevent it from falling off.


    Model T-MH-2 T-MH-3 T-MH-5
    Material Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
    Handle Material Fiberglass + PP + TPR Fiberglass + PP + TPR Fiberglass + PP + TPR
    Size 200g 300g 500g
    Weight 326g 500g 690g
    Head Length 93mm 102mm 116mm
    Head Width 19mm 22mm 25mm
    Total Length 281mm 319mm 315mm


    Machinist Hammer Application

    Tips: Different Types of Hammers
    1. Claw hammer. A claw hammer is a multi-functional tool used for striking nails with the flat head and drawing out nails with the claw head. The narrow yet flat side of the hammer head concentrates all the force on a small area, which is the best tool for nailing.
    2. Machinist's Hammer. A machinist’s hammer has two heads of which one is square used for sticking nails and the other approaches flat that handles metal sheets.
    3. Ball peen hammer. It has two heads as well, one is round and the other is flat, which is usually used for riveting.
    4. Sledge hammer. A sledge hammer has two flat heads, which is used for heavier work, such as striking concrete, stones, and bricks. It is better for you to wear a protective suit and safety glasses when you do heavier work.
    5. Club hammer. A club hammer has two flat heads as well, but different from a sledge hammer, which is used for lighter work, such as striking chisels and masonry nails. Wearing working gloves and safety glasses are recommended because the debris generated will hurt yourself.

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    Giang | 10/9/2020 2:08 AM
    A hammer full of quality and pride
    There is no doubt that this machinist's hammer is the best tool I have ever used. If you are a worker, you can buy a hammer like this. Even if you don't wear gloves, it will not make you feel painful. If my hammer is broken, I will buy it on and I highly recommend you come to buy.