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    Claw Hammer, 16 Oz/18 Oz/ 20 Oz

    Economical price Claw Hammer, 16/18/20 Oz, head length in 110/130/135mm with magnetic nail holder and milled face. Fiberglass handle and one-piece claw hammer available. Choose a best claw hammer for you.
    SKU: T-CH-O
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    Best price 9/16/18/20 Oz claw hammers are available, magnetic nail holder makes you feel so convenient for using it. Fiberglass handle and one-piece claw hammer can be chosen. Hammer head adopts high quality carbon steel, which is hard and wear-resistant with good service life.


    Model T-CH-25 T-CH-5 T-CH-55 T-CH-16 T-CH-20
    Material Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
    Handle Material Fiberglass + PP + TPR Fiberglass + PP + TPR Fiberglass + PP + TPR One-piece + PP + TPR One-piece + PP + TPR
    Size 9 Oz (0.25kg) 9 Oz (0.25kg) 18 Oz (0.5kg) 16 Oz 20 Oz
    Weight 426g 401g 728g 839g 910g
    Head Length 110mm 110mm 130mm 130mm 135mm
    Handle Length 120mm 230mm 275mm 170mm 170mm
    Handle Width 36mm 26mm 33mm 35mm 35mm
    Striking Surface Diameter 26mm 26mm 31mm 29mm 30mm


    16 20 Oz Claw Hammer Details

    Tips: How to Use a Claw Hammer?

    A claw hammer is a common hand tool that removes nails out of the surface of woods with the claw and pound nails into the woods with another side. When pounding a nail, the flat head should hit the nail in parallel to make the nail into a wood vertically. When removing a nail, put a wood brick in the claw to increase the pulling power.

    Notices for using a hammer:

    • Make sure the hammer handle is firmly installed before using. Don’t use hammers that are loose or has a damaged handle to avoid appearing accident due to hammer head fall off.
    • Work with a hammer of the right size and quality.
    • Once the hammer head is excessive wearing and tearing, you should trim or replace it. Otherwise, the hammer will damage items that are going to be knocked.
    • The hammer’s surface should be parallel to the panel to avoid uneven force or strike with hammer angle.
    •  Keep the hammer handle clean to lest the hammer falls.
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    Ronden | 1/13/2023 8:17 AM
    Unbelievable price
    If you want a very light handle and a nice chunky head, this is the perfect tool to keep in your tool bag, it's comfortable to hold, doesn't slip out of my hand, the weight is all in the head, and most importantly, the claw hammer price is just too cheap.
    Daniel | 9/10/2020 1:45 AM
    Claw hammer with guaranteed quality
    I have received the claw hammer. It is small and exquisite. It weighs only 426g and can be used by children. It is strong and can smash walnut nuts without worrying about the of the hammer. The handle is long enough and durable. After trying it out, I feel very comfortable, small and exquisite, without having to use the sledgehammer every time, it is much easier than before.