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    Walk Behind Concrete Saw, 12", 5.5/6.5HP

    Best 12" (300mm) walk behind concrete saw for sale online, 50-80mm cutting depth, equipped with air-cool single cyliner 4-stroke gasoline engine from 5.5HP Honda GX160 or 6.5HP Loncin 190CC, 26L water tank, easy cutting for concrete and asphalt road.
    SKU: T-RC-GQR300
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    Factory price road cutter, floor saw cutting machine with 12 inch blade size, walk behind design, powered by gasoline engine from 5.5HP Honda GX160 or 6.5HP Loncin 190CC, mainly used for highway, construction work and other departments slit or damaged pavement repair, cutting pavement contraction joint.


    Model T-GQR300
    Engine Type Air-cool, single cyliner, 4-stroke gasoline engine
    Engine Brand Honda GX160 Loncin 190CC
    Power 5.5HP (4kW) 6.5HP (4.8kW)
    Other Engine Brand (Optional)* Robin/ Lifan/ Ducar/ Briggs
    Blade Size (Optional)* 12 inch (300mm), 14 inch (350mm)
    Cutting Depth 50-80mm
    Cutting Speed 1-3 m/min
    Width of Cutting Slot 2-6mm
    Water Tank 26L
    Warranty 12 months
    Certification CE
    Weight 75kg
    Packing Size 82*50*72cm


    Concrete floor saw cutter machine application


    Tips: How to operate walk behind concrete saw?

    1. Before starting the concrete saw, check whether the bolts and nuts of each part of the machine are loose; whether the power supply and wiring have leakage; whether the rotation direction of the saw blade is consistent with the direction marked on the protective cover. If not, It can be turned on and work.

    2. Before starting the cutting machine, the water tank should be filled with water; when working, the water pipe switch should be turned on in time to spray water to the saw blade for cooling.

    3. The cutting depth is adjusted by the hand wheel. The hand wheel rotates and pushes the front hand wheel to make the screw nut rotate up and down, so the height of the front wheel changes, and the saw blade rises or falls accordingly.

    4. Before cutting, the saw blade should leave the ground. After the saw blade is running normally, slowly rotate the hand wheel to make the machine fall. When the saw blade cuts into a certain depth, it can be pushed forward. At this time, the guide rod is lowered to make the guide wheel touch the ground.

    5. When floor saw cutting, our eyes should look at the guide wheel to grasp the cutting direction, push the push handle with both hands, so that the guide wheel will advance along the predetermined cutting line to ensure the straightness of the incision.

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