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    Coping Saw, 5 inch Blade

    Wholesale best coping saw with 5 inch blades, high strength fastening saw blade tension device, high hardness skeleton, rigorous and strict process linking, more durable and security. A coping hand saw is used for woods, plastic and metals.
    SKU: T-CS-5
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    A coping saw is a practical hand tool for cutting woods, plastic, metals and so on. Our the best low price coping saw has high strength fastening saw blade tension device and high hardness skeleton, which is durable and security. Coping saw blades are made by high quality carbon steel that meets all your needs.


    Model T-CS-70 T-CS-105
    Blade Material Steel Steel
    Material Steel + Plastic Handle Steel + Plastic Handle
    Blade Size 5 inch (130mm) 5 inch (130mm)
    Width 70mm 105mm
    Handle Length 125mm 125mm
    Net Weight 160g 250g


    Coping Saw Size


    Coping Saw Details

    Tips: What is a Coping Saw?
    A coping saw is a hand tool that cutting woods into detailed shapes and curves. It needs experience and the ability to use a coping saw exactly. The blade of a coping saw is made of tiny teeth that is sharpening for woodworking. You can adjust the angle of the blade to cut into any curves or shapes, which is suitable for making fine works liking a joint on a wood eave. The coping saw can cut through the middle of a piece of wood or other materials. You could drill a hole in the wood, and pass the blade through this hole, install the blade to the frame, then saw out the shape you desire.
    It is worth paying attention to is that when you install the blade to the frame, make sure blade teeth point toward to the handle, otherwise, the teeth will be cut when you use the saw. If the blade of the saw is dull or break, it is better to replace it.

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    Basil | 1/14/2021 6:21 AM
    Strongly recommend everyone to buy
    I am engaged in wood processing. Cutting wood has become one of my daily tasks. The tool I use to cut wood is a coping saw purchased by the company from It can be cut into any curve or by adjusting the angle of the saw blade. The shape is very suitable for people who are engaged in carpentry work like me. I recommend everyone to buy it.