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    Crosscut Hand Saw, 16 inch/18 inch/ 20 inch

    Low price crosscut hand saw for sale, 16 inch/18 inch/20 inch available, Manganese steel material and TPR plastic handle. Saw tooth is three-face grinding that is very sharp and fast cutting. A one-man crosscut hand saw can be used for pruning and cutting woods, durable and practical.
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    Wholesale low price crosscut hand saw is made from high quality manganese steel with three face teeth, which is the best hand tool for cutting woods, fast and labor saving. An ergonomically rubber handle is comfortable to hold.


    • A professional crosscut hand saw have flutes of removing wood chips, reducing noise of cutting woods and preventing saw flutes blocked by wood chips.
    • The saw tooth is three-face grinding that is extremely sharp. You could easily prune and cut woods, bamboos and PV pipes.
    • Ergonomically designed handle adopts TPR plastic, which is non-slip and suitable for long time work.
    • There is a hanging hole in front of the crosscut hand saw. You could hang the hand saw on the wall if you don’t use it.
    • A best crosscut hand saw has a protective sleeve that prevents accidents, meanwhile, it is convenient and safety for you to store.


    20 inch Crosscut Hand Saw Size

    Model T-CS-16 T-CS-18 T-CS-20
    Saw Blade Material Manganese Steel Manganese Steel Manganese Steel
    Handle Material TPR Plastic TPR Plastic TPR Plastic
    Size 16 inch 18 inch 20 inch
    Blade Length 400mm 450mm 500mm
    Front Length 35mm 35mm 35mm
    Handle Length 120mm 120mm 120mm
    Total Length 470mm 520mm 570mm
    Net Weight 362g 364g 428g


    20 inch Crosscut Hand Saw Details


    A crosscut hand saw is widely used for cutting woods, bamboos, and PVC pipes, etc.

    Applications of Crosscut Hand Saw

    20 inch Crosscut Hand Saw Application

    Tips: How to Use a Crosscut Hand Saw?

    Hold the handle of the crosscut hand saw with right hand and grasp the other side of the saw with left hand. The standing position and body swing when you use a hand saw should be relaxed and natural. Use the right hand to control the thrust and pressure, the left hand is mainly matched with the right hand to right the saw bow, which reduces the pressure of the saw. The saw cutting generally adopts a small swing up and down motion. That is, your body is slightly forward as you push the hand saw, with the pressure to the hand saw at the same time, the left hand up and the right hand down. The right hand up and left hand naturally follow back when pull the hand saw.
    A blade should be selected with good rigidity as well as toughness, so that it is durable and easy to sharpen. The blade of a hand saw is commonly made from carbon steel materials that have good rigidity and heat treatment. We provide different kinds of hand saws and blades at, buy saws for your woodworking now!

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    Steve | 10/12/2020 2:10 AM
    This saw is perfect for sawing wood
    I have bought this cross-cutting hand saw for a long time and have used it many times. I found that this saw is very suitable for cutting trees and the cutting surface is also very smooth. Moreover, the handle of this saw is made of TPR plastic, which is non-slip and will not get tired after long time use.