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    Folding Saw, 7 inch/10 inch

    Best folding saw for sale, size in 6.7 inch/7 inch/10 inch, steel blade material with three-face grindings and flat saw cut, fast cutting and labor saving. Non-slip rubber sleeve handle is comfortable to hold. The low price folding hand saw is used for pruning, camping and cutting woods, easy to carry and practical.
    SKU: T-FS-710
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    The folding saws have three-face grindings that are easy for pruning, cutting woods, bamboos and others. The handle uses non-slip rubber, holding comfortable and labor saving. There is a lock on the side, you can press it to open or fold. Size of 6.7 inch/7 inch/10 inch available. Our best folding hand saws are durable and practical.


    Model T-FS-H T-FS-U1 T-FS-U2 T-FS-U3 T-FS-U4
    Saw Blade Material Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
    Handle Material Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve Rubber Sleeve
    Saw Blade Size 180mm (7 inch) 170mm (6.7 inch) 250mm (10 inch) 170mm (6.7 inch) 250mm (10 inch)
    Saw Blade Thickness 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm
    Folded Size 220mm 235mm 305mm 235mm 305mm
    Total Length 400mm 390mm 530mm 390mm 530mm

    7 inch Folding Saw Size


    Folding Saw Details


    7 10 inch Folding Saw Applications

    Tips: How to Select a Hand Saw?

    There are many kinds of saws such as hand saw, hacksaw, coping saw, wire saw and folding saw, etc. Using different saws according to different materials can improve work efficiency. However, how to choose a saw? 3 aspects you should consider are as follows:

    • Shape and size of saw teeth
      Generally the most commonly used is one-way cutting saw blades, but two-way cutting saw blades faster. The density of saw teeth will affect the flatness of cut items, for example, saw teeth are larger, but less, cutting fast, but not flatness; saw teeth are small and close, cutting relatively slow but flatness.
    • Combination of saw teeth
      The combination of flat and beveled saw allows the saw to cut the material effortlessly. The combined form of saw is usually distributed alternately with one side flat and the other side sloping.
    • Sharpness of saw teeth
      The sharpness of saw teeth and the number of cutting edges determine the cutting efficiency of saws. The more cutting edges, the sharper, which has a higher cutting efficiency.
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    Nick | 7/19/2021 6:59 AM
    Easy to carry
    I've used this 10 inch folding saw for about 3 months and brought it on several camping trips. It works great, I have sawn through solid downed trees that were at least 10 inches in diameter. In the past few years, I used a clunky saw, but it was too heavy. So, using the right tool is important. This one is perfect for me. Moreover, it's easy to open and it locks just enough, so you don't get hurt. Well worth the bang for the buck!