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    1.6 x 24" Cordless Pipe Belt Sander, 18V

    Affordable price cordless pipe belt sander for sale. Powered by 18V 4.0Ah lithium battery. Belt size 1.6 inch x 24 inch (40mm*620mm), max applicable pipe φ7 inch (180mm), no-load speed 2800 rpm. High cost performance and sanding efficiency.
    SKU: T-EBS-30253
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    Cordless belt sander can be used in sanding, polishing, wire drawing, clearing new and old welds, repairing old railings, mirror treating. Applicable materials are round pipes and bend pipes, including stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, titanium pipes and other metal pipes as well as wooden pipes.


    Model T-EBS-3025-3
    Battery Voltage 18V Lithium
    Battery Capacity 4.0Ah
    Belt Size 24 inch x 1.6 inch (620mm x 40mm)
    Max. Sanding Diameter 7 inch (180mm)
    No-Load Speed 1400 rpm - 2100 rpm
    Accessories 2 batteries, 1 charger, 1 carton brush, 1 nylon belt, 1 side handle
    Weight 3.45 kg

    Structure Diagram of Cordless Pipe Belt Sander

    Structure Diagram of 24 x 1.6 In Cordless Belt Sander, 21V

    Dimension Drawing of Cordless Pipe Belt Sander

    Dimension Drawing of 24 x 1.6 In Cordless Belt Sander, 21V


    • Cordless pipe belt sander has small size, compact structure and lightweight, convenient to operate by hand.
    • Cordless pipe belt sander can 270° arc sanding, large area, fast speed and high quality. With speed controller, 6 gears adjustable.
    • Over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, charge and discharge protection.

    Handheld Belt Sander Application

    Tips: 6 advantages of cordless pipe belt sander.

    1. Belt guiding is accurate. Cordless pipe belt sander is especially suitable for applications with high requirements for uniform sanding. The sand belt is not easy to run off, and it can polish 360° without dead angle.
    2. Cordless pipe belt sander uses all-copper motor, cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, high-temperature-resistant all-copper enameled wires and high-level commutator. It is powerful and won’t burn even after working for a long time.
    3. Cordless pipe belt sander is equipped with 6-gear speed control wheel, VTC full wave electronic speed stabilization. Even under high load it can maintain a stable high speed.
    4. Cordless pipe belt sander uses high-strength springs, strong, tough, durable and not easily damaged.
    5. Power switch has press lock function. Push the switch forward to start belt sander. Press the switch down to lock power supply and work for a long time.
    6. Belt replacement is convenient and quick.
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    Christian | 9/21/2020 1:47 AM
    Function of cordless belt sander
    What can this cordless belt sander be used for?
    A manager responded to this review
    1. Sanding with fixed thickness to improve the thickness accuracy of the workpiece. For example: the veneer substrate needs to be sanded with a fixed thickness before the veneer.
    2. The surface is sanded to improve the surface quality. The sanding process is evenly sanded on the board surface to remove the knife marks left by the previous process, so that the surface of the board is beautiful and smooth. It is also used for veneer, dyeing, Printing and painting.
    3. Sanding, in order to ensure the bonding strength of the decorative board (veneer) and the base material and improve the rough sanding process on the back of the decorative board.