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    1.6 x 30" Handheld Pipe Belt Sander, 7.3A

    Best handheld pipe belt sander for sale. Belt size 1.6 inch x 30 inch (40mm x 760mm), max pipe diameter 7 inch (180mm), power supply 7.3A for 110V or 3.6A for 220V, variable speed 700-3000 rpm, belt speed 2.4-9.1 m/s. Good quality and affordable price.
    SKU: T-EBS-3016
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    Handheld pipe belt sander has a 1.6*30 inch belt, it is suitable for sanding stainless steel pipes, wooden pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, titanium pipes and other metal round pipes. Multifunctional, small size and lightweight for handheld operation. Industrial/commercial/home use.


    Model T-EBS-3016
    Rated Voltage 110V, 220V
    Rated Power 800W
    Rated Current 7.3A (110V)
    3.6A (220V)
    Belt Size 30 inch x 1.6 inch (760mm x 40mm)
    Max. Sanding Diameter 7 inch (180mm)
    No-Load Speed 700-3000 rpm
    Belt Speed In Idle 2.4-9.1m/s
    Accessories 1 carton brush, 1 nylon belt, 1 side handle
    Weight 4 kg


    • Handheld pipe belt sander can 270° sanding metal round pipe and bend pipe, uniform sanding.
    • Round tube polishing, mirror effect treatment.
    • Round pipe wire drawing treatment.
    • Clear new and old welds, repair old railings.

    Sanding Effect of Handheld Belt Sander

    Structure Diagram of Handheld Pipe Belt Sander

    Structure Diagram of 30 x 1.6 Inch Handheld Belt Sander, 7.3A

    Dimension Drawing of Handheld Pipe Belt Sander

    Dimension Drawing of 30 x 1.6 Inch Handheld Belt Sander, 7.3A

    Handle Installation Methods for Handheld Pipe Belt Sander

    Handle Installation Methods of Handheld Belt Sander

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    Robbie | 8/10/2021 2:07 AM
    Nice handheld pipe belt sander
    I have about 120 feet of stainless steel pipe that needs polishing. I was pleasantly surprised at this 7.3A handheld pipe belt sander. The belt supplied with the polisher is amazing. It works quite well when used with a good quality sanding belt. The pipe belt sander was exactly as presented, which is small size and lightweight for handheld operation. so I'm satisfied with my purchase.